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wordpress_blogronToday I tried to update my WordPress blog through the automatic update option in the admin panel. But I couldn’t do that. I tried several times and  after that I gave up. So what I did is updated my WordPress manually. Now there are lot’s of tutorial available  on how to update WordPress manually. But I am sharing how I did it. Every blogger should know how to update his/her WordPress blog manually. It’s handy and might be the only option available sometimes. The steps are as follows.

01. Backup your content and database. You should do that. I backed up my contents through the export system that is  built in WordPress. This is for safety.

02.  Download the latest version of WordPress form WordPress.org

03.  Unzip the WordPress files in a folder on your PC.

04. From that folder cut/move the “wp-content” folder to elsewhere.

05. Login to your WordPress admin panel and deactivate all the plugin.

06. Now upload the extracted files directly to the the server folder where your wordpress site is installed. ( without any change to the “wp-content” folder in the server. because that’s where your themes and pluggins are. We don’t want to lose them. That is why I told you to remove the wp-content folder from the extracted files. we don’t need to rewrite this folder.)

07. All the folders and files will be rewritten as needed, except the wp-contents folder and its contents. We haven’t changed anything in it.

08. Now to perform the update got to: http://yoursitename/wp-admin/upgrade.php and follow the instruction. There is noting more to do. Your database will be updated if needed.

09. Now login to your WordPress admin panel again and activate all the plugin as they were before.

Now your WordPress site is updated.

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