Using Google Docs

This is just a quick tips on how you can open a doc file even you don’t have Microsoft word installed. Those who are using Ubuntu has no problem- it has built in open office. But those who are using Windows as the operating system- sometime faces the problem to open any document file if you do not have MS Word installed. Even some time you can’t open the .docx extension file in your older MS word, that only supports .doc file. So this is how you can open it.

01. Attach your .doc or .docx file in your G-Mail and send it to another or the same G-Mail address.

02. Now you have got a mail with a attached file (.docx or .doc). Open the mail.

03. Look there are two options beside the attachment- View or Download. Click View. A new window will open and your document file will be open in the Google docs.

So now you can read it and copy it in a suitable format as you like. You don’t need to have MS word installed on your PC. And there is no problem of Versions.  Remember that you must have a n internet connection to use this tricks.


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