Using PLR to Turn a Profit

In any internet marketing business, the best way of getting customers to buy from you is through your sales page or website.

You won’t be able to show actual books online,hence the best way to give your customers an idea of what you are trying to sell is by writing about it.  Quality articles, blog posts, and e-books are just some of the effective ways of selling online, but there are online marketers who have the following problems:

They don’t have proficient writing skills to really wow their customers.

They don’t have the time to create their own articles, and

They can’t afford to hire a writer to write for them.

So what’s the best alternative to writing your own content?

PLR content.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights which allows you to use content from articles, blog posts, e-books written by someone else and turn it into your own unique versions.  You will be given the right to rewrite the content in any way you’d like and claiming it as your own.

What’s more, you have the right to sell your own PLR content to others, which is the main source of profit for internet marketers on the Internet.

Here are 5 most effective ways to use PLR content that will not only increase your traffic and reputation as an online marketer but also your online sales as well:

First, post your PLR content into your website or personal blog.  Your readers can instantly read what you have to say about your products and services.

Then rewrite the content yourself or hire a re-writer to modify the content into something unique but with relevance to the original content.  You can then create an automated blog like “PLR to WordPress” that will auto-post the rewritten content.


You may also use PLR content for FAQs, How-to articles, 10-best lists etc.  This adds variety to your site.

Another way is bringing your content to a forum or a discussion board where you can start interesting conversations with people.


To increase your mailing lists, you can use your PLR content as a free report and offer it as a bonus to your readers.  That way, they’ll come back to you for more.

However, quite a number of people can find PLR and if you take notice next time you see a PLR offer you will see that the volume that is for sale has a limit. Why do they do this? – To make it more expensive for you.

But for me, I really don’t care how many other people have the same PLR as I do because when the material is great, it doesn’t matter how many other people have it especially since a lot of them only have the information on their hard drive gathering the proverbial dust.

The reason I don’t care is that I only use the PLR for research purposes. I would be out of my mind to use it as it is. I end up using chunks of it for my material but I never publish it without altering something about it.

What this does for me is to speed up the process by which I am able to create a product. I use the high quality PLR material and create a great information product in a couple of days as fast as one day!

I use chunks of information, keeping the good bits and expanding on other pieces that are not so good. I drop in some optimization, get rid of the bad parts and use the PLR product to make a great information product. I sometimes use the source information as a bonus to the product I derived from it and that is how I use PLR to make money.

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