Why You Need to Use Twitter as Marketing Tools

twitter logoFor the new bloggers out there, I think all of you have the intention to earn popularity on web. Because it defines how good you are in blogging profession.

Yes, you have read it right; blogging is a profession for you. So, to earn from your profession you have to think and work as a professional.

In that case I think you should know that only good content can’t take you to the top. You have to use some of the greatest tools of web to market those good contents.

Twitter is one of those tools. If you are not using twitter now, please start using it as soon as possible.

What is twitter?

Twitter as said by most of the people is a micro blogging system. You can update your status and send tweets to your friends and followers. If you have a Facebook account then you must be familiar with status update, Twitter is like that.

Though you can send PM through twitter but mainly it’s a status update module. It is one of the webs most popular networking site.

Twitter has a message update system of 140 characters. You must have to update your status within 140 characters. People following you will get the message on their twitter dashboard.

The thing that has made twitter so popular is its simplicity and fast responding system. Busy people can update their status and thoughts at any time through mobile and get replies.

As for reference – Twitter helps the people to get answers and news of their interests. It is a great way to know what is happening around.

Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

If you are not already using twitter then you are losing a great number of readers and visitors everyday. Twitter is used by a great number of people and you can connect with your desired audience or readers easily in twitter. In twitter every moment people are sharing. They will love to hear from you if you can deliver topics of their interests.

So getting a huge number of followers or following a huge number of people can’t give you any benefit. You have to connect with your type of people who will listen to you. For example, if you are writing about movie stars then you should follow people or get followers who love to read and discuss about movies and movie stars. This is called targeted traffic.

So, if you can maintain the general rules then you can get a good number of visitors or readers from your twitter account. People love to read and check what you are offering to them. Your tweets have to be interesting. Otherwise they might not click on the links you are providing.

Creating Brand

This is a bit tricky part if you are a newbie. You see there is a background in your twitter page like Facebook in the header. You can change or modify this from your settings page inside twitter. There are already lots of pre-made designs to choose.

What I do is save the background in your PC and edit it with your picture, logo or slogan then upload it again. Choose the background color matching with the picture. So now you have a custom background that will show your brand. Whenever people visit your profile they will feel that you are different and more will they follow what you say.

So you can brand your name in twitter.

Using Twitter as Marketing Tools

Twitter Accessories

You should already learn the fact how much twitter is popular and what its benefit is. So, there is something you have to do to make your twitter more useful.

Just search Google about the twitter tools. Lots of tools are already developed to help your twitter time more useful. Look at them and use as your need. Just remember there are more things in twitter than you think you know.

Remember the words “The blue bird can talk for you and you have a great chance to earn money and popularity through twitter.”

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