Web is my second home

“This post is not about money making. This is just another online pastime experience of mine. Web is my second home. I spend most of the time on web. Trying to earn? No, not earning money. This is my home. I spend vacations too in here. And sometimes I do blog just for fun.”

In demand of money we are always running behind it. We have no time for ourselves. That’s why; sometime I try to get some unique ideas of recreation for myself. Chatting online is one of them. Now wait, don’t think that you knows all about that. I love to do chat on virtual world.

3D or Virtual Life

We all do chat on facebook, myspace or yahoo. We have lots of friends there. But these are traditional chat – voice, text or video chat. Now a new form of entertainment has been added to these types. That is virtual chatting. I love it. What do you know about it?

Yap, I think all of you have heard about it and many of you have also used it. These are running on online server, just like other chat rooms. You can enter there and choose an avatar of yourself, dress it, move it and run it on the virtual world’s streets. This is just like another game. But in this game you are doing daily works and talking just like  you do in real life. So this game is without fighting and all the real people around. Everything you see in the virtual world is not real, but the person you are talking is real. He might be from another part of the world.

The most favorite and famous online virtual world is Second Life. You can register your free profile there and download the chat client to start chatting. You will get many places to explore and peoples to meet in second life. You can buy credits in the virtual world to spend. But you have to buy them with the real world’s currency. Still there is lot to do without buying anything. It’s a huge fun moving into the virtual world.

I am listing some of the virtual worlds in here. You can choose any of them and start meeting people in a unique way.

1. www.secondlife.com

2. www.moove.com

3. www.meez.com

4. www.twinity.com

5. www.kaneva.com

There are more of these kinds of virtual worlds to chat and explore. You can find most of them through Google search. I do not play MMORPG’s. I do not get time to play these games. Yap, business is a bad thing – we miss a lot of great things of online. These online games are also a great way to pass your leisure.

So Share with me – what is your best pastime place online? I think we can share some knowledge with each other.

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