What’s Really Going on Inside Google Plus?

Earlier this year, Larry Page, Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc made an astounding claim. He claimed in a public appearance that Google Plus had reached 90 million+ users, and that the social network was engaging upwards of 80% of its users. While this sounds like excellent news for Google’s rapidly growing social network, it may not be the whole story. In fact, many analysts are calling Google Plus a virtual ghost town. It seems that the user engagement is lower than originally projected by Larry Page and the Google Plus team. This is significant as Facebook — Google Plus’s main competitor — gears up for their public offering worth nearly $100 billion.

An Accurate Picture of Google Plus

While it’s true that Google Plus has plenty of users, the user engagement percentages may be a little skewed. The reality is that tons of people are signing up for Google Plus, but not many of those users are actually sticking around to use the social network. The most recent data from the research firm ComScore reveals that the average Google Plus user spends about three minutes a month on the social network. Conversely, Facebook users spend about five to seven hours per month on their profiles.

Another problem comes with the lack of reliable metrics when it comes to Google Plus. Representatives from Google posit that since Google Plus is positioned as a destination site, third-party metrics sites and applications are very difficult to come by. But this is likely to change drastically as the Google Plus landscape begins to evolve and take shape over the coming months.

Google Plus and Facebook: Key Differences

Admittedly, Google Plus is much less vibrant than Facebook. While little is known about Google Plus demographics, we do know that the social network is dominated by men and working professionals. This translates to a social network that is used more as a utility for promotion and communication rather than entertainment. And this is where Facebook has a major leg up on Google Plus. Facebook users are more engaged through entertainment, games, music and now movies. This is a major hurdle for Google Plus get over, as the entertainment aspect of Google Plus is virtually non-existent.

Search Plus Your World

Lastly, the social network has come under fire for Google Plus’s deep integration into the search engine results pages (SERPs). With the recently unveiling of Google Plus brand pages, the use of Google Plus is now a ranking factor for Google SERPs. This aspect of Google Plus integration has been officially dubbed “Search Plus Your World.”

Google Plus Advantages

While there are key differences in the engagement of users on Facebook and Google Plus, the search giant’s social network has some key advantages. These two advantages have to do with both security and privacy. Google Plus has ramped up its privacy and security measures as a response to what users have experienced on Facebook. This could position Google Plus as a major competitor in the social media market in the months to come.


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