Why You Must Limit The Number of Comments You Post On Other Blogs?

One of the quickest, easy to do and in one word the best way to build links is to comment on other blogs. Blog commenting can help you get even more than hundred links per day or even more than that! But are these links useful? Will these links convert as you want them to or as you expect them to? Will these links improve your rankings or will they do the opposite? Here’s what I think about it.

1. Too Many Links Are Not Good

You may be thinking that more links will help you in ranking better. True, I agree with that theory. But it has a constraint just like the many others laws and principles out there have! It’s the time constraint. If you divide the thousand links in period of weeks, months or quarterly period, it 10x better as the links will appear to be natural and will not harm your blog at all.

Google loves natural links and generally values the links that appear to be natural more than the others. It simply bans the other ones!

2. It Appears To be spammy

Whenever I see more than 2-3 comments on my blog from the same person on my blog (not considering the regular readers, visitors and commentators) I pay more attention to his comments. By more attention I mean that I read his comments twice, check for duplicate comments of his, check if he just copied other’s comment from my blog and published it again, check the links and the procedure is awfully long! I do it because, it appears to be spam!

3. Decrement of quality

When you are on a commenting spree, you generally forget what you are reading, what you are writing and all that you think of is benefits. The benefits include, catch attention, build links, get traffic, enter the top commentators list of any blog, etc. When this happens you forget the most important part – your comment and you start writing thank you, very nice, great post, I appreciate this and what not type of comments! These are conversation enders and even reputation enders! I don’t think any blogger accepts such comments and if I am not wrong, 75% bloggers will mark these comments as spam! This means that next time when you comment on any blog (even if you write a good comment) it will go into their spam box and your hard won’t give you returns!

4. An Opposite Effect

Over blog commenting can attack you back. One of your regular readers, one who trusts you can find your link building methods, the comments you make (thank you, nice post, etc.) and eventually he won’t trust you any more for the foul methods you use. This is just an example and many similar things can happen with you!

So never forget to comment in limit and try avoiding spammy comments like the ones mentioned in the above post. Have a nice time commenting and if you like this post, don’t forget to comment. Aha, no thank you ones except if you describe further! 🙂

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