Why You Should Use Hostgator Hosting?

The question of good hosting arises when you are able to bear the cost of it. I am an entrepreneur who have suffered a lot in the circle of good, bad, cheap and affordable web-hosting. From that I have learned that you shouldn’t go for cheap and quick solution for your site’s.

Why You Should Use Hostgator Hosting? 1

In less than 2 years I have used more than 4 hosting and none of them was stable 100% for my sites. Well. I was trying to adjust- but you should know that when it comes to business you can’t compromise always. So, lastly I landed on hostgator- and now I can say I am happy. Because still I haven’t faced any problem that is serious to move from here. I am a user and I must say I am satisfied with their service.

Here are my reasons why you should use HostGator :-

  1. Their up time is good and I haven’t still saw my sites are down for a long time.
  2. The control panel is filled up with all the things anyone need.
  3. The customer support is super responsive and quick problem solver.
  4. I can host as many sites as I want and there are no database size limit. The only limit they use is the file number.
  5. Free advertising credit ( I Haven’t use those actually, as I am not in the USA)
  6. I can pay the bill monthly. This is a great relief for those who do not want to pay the full year upfront.
  7. Their packages starts from a very attractive prices and sizes.  Even for the first month you can check the hosting just for $0.01. That’s obviously a cool thing. You can turn down the hosting if you do not like it.


Another thing I do really appreciate that my sites are loading fast now. So, All in one- I am happy to have my sites on HostGator.


Update: Hostgator has gone pretty awful in recent days. If you want to get a better shared hosting, try siteground, Bluehost or Namecheap.

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