Writing Articles for Your Blog

We all have to write. This is a normal thing for all of the bloggers. But sometimes it happens when we forget things like-

1. How to start a new one?

2. All my Ideas are gone. How could I write again.

3. I have many things to say. But I don’t know the way to explain it to others . . . etc.

These things happens. And there is writers block also. Most of the bloggers are afraid of it. Even sometimes I thought what to write next? And can’t write a single word for two or three days. So, the very first tips of mine for the new bloggers is to start your thinking that you are going to write. You have to pay no money for thinking ideas. Believe me I was busy before writing this article. I thought- “My blog needs a new post. So let’s sit down and spend 30 minutes on writing”. That was no hard job. Even from my busy life I can separate 30  minutes to write. Why can’t you? Start thinking. That will make your writings happen. Now get to the point. What you need to remember before article writing is :

1. Before starting to write a new article for your blog – try to make a summery of the whole thing. You can write it in a normal paper or in a MS Word file.

2. Note down the points you are going to explain in your articles.

3. It’s better if you can write your article within 500 to 600 words. This is a minimum standard.

4. Try to deliver your best ideas first. Don’t wait like – I will write about this later. Because ideas are always coming. So you can have plenty of new ones.

5. Write about the things you like. If you do not like what are you doing then it is not going to amuse people.

6.  Always review your article to add one or two more para if needed, It make things nicer.

7. Giving points clearly in your writing will make it more attractive.

last but not the least – always divide your article in three part before writing –  Introduction. The main body and the conclusion. You can have more parts in the main body if needed. Write in an informal way. People like to read those. That’s all for now.

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