You Can Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program If-

When people are deciding between affiliate marketing or adsense program- they are actually thinking of earning in two diverse path. Affiliate marketing needs more connection with the users and followers, while earning from adsense will need more optimization for the search engines. Yet it is possible to earn with both of them from the same blog, but as of my observation one should separate this two earning method distinctively in different blogs.

Adsense+Amazon Experiment

Now, why I am saying that? I have two experiment in my hands of my own blogs. On one that is optimized for search engines mainly where I inserted Google adsense for testing and on second one I did optimization for search engines but in a very basic level- that blog is running on social media marketing (paid).

The first one which is used with adsense and got a quite decent amount of visitors from the search engines, I tried to run some Amazon affiliated campaign and it did not click well. But the adsense on that site earns a decent amount. I got click on the amazon links but that didn’tt convert. Got around 200 clicks in a month but no sell from my links.

Second one, where I haven’t used any adsense and the primary target is the affiliation from amazon products. This site I optimized for social media and I run paid campaign for it’s marketing. The idea is to get some visitors that actually cares for the content and products I am writing about. I am amazed to see that within 3 months I got some return visitors and followers on a tight budget.

This second site has got clicks in amazon links and they converted very well. Now, from this scenario I have gathered some points.

01. Traffic and Return Visitors:

If you are willing to earn from amazon produtcs then you have to get traffic. The more traffic you get the more is the possibilities to convert those into sell. And the return visitors who comes second or third time in your blog is most probably going to buy. People want to but products from the place they trust, amazon is a recognizable brand that can create trust when they visit the product’s page. All you have to do is lead them towards the amazon page. When your readers want to learn more about a product you are reviewing – just let them know where they can actually get more. Rest of the thing is amazon doing itself.

02. Building Trust and Authority Site:

Trust building

It’s an interesting fact, I have seen that people do not want to buy products just by watching advertising or promotion. The want someone they know to recommend it. A vast majority will buy a product only if his/her friend or colleague is going to tell them it’s OK to buy. I have done this plenty of time – friends asking me which internet connection he should use or which cellphone to buy. And they really bought that product after I say it’s good.  It means that my friends are thinking that they can trust me with tech products and I am good with technology.

From this- you should get the idea why you will need to create an authority site. If you can create an authority site people will put faith in you and they will love to try the products you recommend. Don’t try to bang everything you got from amazon. Use the best you think you can recommend to your loyal readers. Try to twist them with some to buy and not to buy suggestion. It is kind of discussing a group of friend of yours who might buy a new product. Never treat you readers as a buyer. Try them as your real life friends. It converts well.

Earning Amount and the Choice

The frustrating thing for most people who try for amazon affiliate program is- the referral fee is very low. This ranges from 4% to 8% and depends on the number of product you can sell. So the monetary value by selling one product can’t add much in your inventory if the products price is less. That’s why you can choose high priced product that has some demand. And also don’t forget to advertise the related products from your list.

I am going to share more insights from my own experience in the future about the product choosing and marketing tactics. Meantime you can share your experience with amazon affiliate if you have success. What was your way and what is the tips for the newbies?

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