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Delwar Jahan

Delwar Jahan

Digital Marketing Strategist

Wish you all the best.
Email: [email protected]

I am Delwar Jahan, known as DJ Rony in the blog world. I started my career as a freelancer on oDesk (now UpWork) and now I am working as a fulltime Digital Marketing Strategist.

I have several successful online ventures and this is where I share about my work, experiences, and tips.

The moment I started to learn what is a blog and how to blog – I never stopped and I never quit. As a result, now I am here in this place. In my journey, I have helped hundreds of clients to build their website and teach them to manage a successful online business.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I do Webdesign, SEO, Social Media Marketing to develop a brand strategy for my clients.

Also, I share most of the things I read and learn on the web. I believe sharing is caring. You can join the BLOGRON Community to start a discussion or just say hello to me.

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