10 Reasons Why Do Most of the Newbie Niche Site Builders Fail

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10 Reasons Why Do Most of the Newbie Niche Site Builders Fail

Making a niche site or a niche blog and getting success is not easy. It takes passion, time, money, and consistent hard work. But most of the niche site builders these days don’t have all of them.

Most fails.

Multiple reasons lead to the failure. Here are ten reasons why most newbie niche site builders fail.

1. Start without enough studies

It is a mistake most niche site builders realize after launching their first site.

Most newbies have a notion that it is very easy to create and make money from niche sites. While building a website is an easy task for many, driving organic traffic to the site is the hard part.

Knowledge about niche selection, keyword research, and link building is the most important part in niche site business.

While building a website is an easy task for many, driving organic traffic to the site is the hardest.

You can’t choose a niche because X, Y and Z niche site builders are making thousands of dollars out of it. It is important to analyze the niche yourself and even to check the competition for the keywords. You should start doing the proper keyword research, writing engaging contents and learning the best link building strategies.

Why Do Most of the Newbie Niche Site Builders Fail

Most niche site builders realise their mistakes after a month or two of building the blog. But its quite late and there is no coming back. A lot of money already invested!

[alert-success]Takeaway- I will advise the newbies to follow the pro blogs about niche sites and blogging. Try to learn the basics first. Try to analyse the niche and examine the keywords you want to rank for and its competition using the proper way.[/alert-success]

Must Follow Blogs:

  1. NichePursuits
  2. TechTage.com
  3. NicheHacks.com
  4. Marketever.com
  5. MonetizePros.com
  6. Seoauv.com
  7. Webris Blog


2. Not having a proper plan

Having an appropriate plan for any task is very crucial. It makes your work easier, and you can exactly figure out if you are lagging and leading in your attempts.

Have you ever wondered why big businesses have Team Leaders, Project Leaders and Project Managers?

This because they have a big plan drafted out which each needs to follow. Most newbies, on the other hand, are unaware about the planning. This is the reason why most niche site builders seem lost after a month or so?. They can’t figure what to complete and how to manage everything in a limited time. So they quit.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Make sure you figure out the points below and even allot a specific time to each task in an excel sheet-

  • Figure out the content to write and the suitable length
  • Jot down websites on which you will make your backlinks
  • How will make backlinks? Is it by Guest Posting or by Commenting? When? Write down the plan in detail

Follow the plan strictly to get better result.[/alert-success]

3. Lack of knowledge on how to write/outsource content that converts

Content plays a crucial role in determining the success of your niche site. Not everyone are capable of writing content which converts into affiliate sales. Content should be so engaging and explanatory so the reader is satisfied with the information provided and decides to buy the product.

There are a lot of ingredients of successful content, you need to master them all.

The content should contain all the important features and information so that there is no need to visit another blog. Most budding niche site builders are unaware that content can be outsourced. Even if they know about this, there are not willing to invest money on their blog.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Think of your blog as a business. If you are not good at writing content yourself, or don’t have much time to invest, then don’t hesitate in outsourcing the content.[/alert-success]

4. Greed to earn money in short time

Money attracts most people into blogging. Everybody wants to live a laptop lifestyle. Most newbies have a notion that it is very easy to earn money building niche sites.

Little that they know, only a person who is building niche sites for a year or two can tell them the bitter truth.

You cannot make thousands of dollars every month just after starting, or anytime soon after creating the site.

If you are building niche sites solely for making money and it is your primary goal, then you will eventually fail. Your main goal should be in helping people, impacting lives and making yourself as an authority in your niche. It is not possible to make money off your blog without doing nothing.

[alert-success]Takeaway – Your primary goal should be helping people and not money. If you are hardworking, then you will make money eventually.[/alert-success]

5. Lack of self-commitment

Commitment is very essential in any job. Most newbies don’t put in a right effort towards their blog. It is essential to put in 100% effort in whatever you do to excel at it. Building niche site is not something you will excel at after spending few hours in a week.

You need to invest sufficient amount of time to build something worth full. Most newbies fail to do it.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Try being honest with yourself about the effort that you put on your site. Try being passionate about your site. This will help you in the long run.[/alert-success]

6. Ignoring link building (links which are hard to acquire)

Link building is a very crucial part of niche site building. Without links, you won’t be able to rank on Google. Impact of link building is in fact more than 60% when it comes to ranking.

If Content is the King, then link building is considered as the Queen.

content is king, blogging

Most newbies are unaware of link-building. All they know is about blog-commenting. Few blog comments aren’t sufficient to rank any blog on google. You need to target links that are hard to acquire mainly through email outreach.

These links can be contextual links, links through guest posting, guesto-graphics or broken link building. It is these links which will help you shine.

Backlinko is my blog of choice when it comes to Link-Building. Brian Dean writes  epic stuffs.

[alert-success]Takeaway- You need to plan out link-building focusing more on authority links. Remember one authority link can be powerful than hundreds of low-quality links.[/alert-success]

7. Lack of  consistency

Most newbies lack consistency.

They consider their site as some side project which they can do whenever they wish. But niche site building should not be regarded as a hobby, it’s a serious business.

If you don’t have a proper plan and deadlines for your work list, then you are going on the wrong track. You need to have specific goals for your blog to help it grow.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Niche site building should be considered as a serious job and not a hobby. You should have a proper plan, and of course keep consistency on work.[/alert-success]

8.Targeting high competitive keywords

Most of the newbies are fascinated with the case studies available online. Some of them are inspired by EmpireFlippers.com listing.

Niche site builders are making thousands of dollars in some particular niches. But most of the niches (mentioned on the EmpireFlippers listing) are high competitive, that newbies don’t understand.

Seeing thousands of dollars, they try to focus on the high competitive keywords in the first. They fail to understand higher the competition harder it’s to rank. This will make their work tougher and make it impossible to get good rankings (and no MONEY!).

You can target these keywords later when your site starts growing. Try to get the low hanging fruits first.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Try to target keywords having low competition and also the long tail ones. These are easier to rank and will help you boost your confidence and prevent you from quitting.[/alert-success]

9. Lack of financial plan or enough investment

Having a proper financial plan is important. Most newbies don’t have a lot of money to invest.

They think that they can do everything by themselves. But this isn’t possible by everyone. You need to invest to succeed because niche site building has become super competitive these days. You need to plan out a budget for your niche and think about the returns afterwards.

[alert-success]Takeaway- Make sure you have some money to invest before starting a niche site. Think niche site building as a business and not as a waste hobby. People are selling their sites for thousands of dollars. It’s no joke.[/alert-success]

10. Giving up quickly

Most new niche site builders have a notion that their blog will start earning money and attract visitor after few weeks itself.

But it never happens.

Patience is the key to success in niche site building.

The mantra of success is ” Never Quit”.

Even if you are putting in your full efforts, it might take some time to grow. Most niche site builders quit at a stage when you need to publish more contents, or need to build more backlinks.

It may have been possible to grow if they kept trying for few more months. But who cares?

Quitting is the easy part rather than continuing. So most newbies choose to quit. The main reason behind this carelessness and not being serious about the site.

Final Words

Building a niche site can only be easy if you have a proper plan and you are serious about creating one. Try to limit the number of blogs you follow because it can confuse you (follow only a handful of high quality blogs).

Consider your niche site as a real business and not as a hobby. If you face any of the points above give yourself some time to correct it.

The Internet is full of many blogs, but only a handful of them are successful. Try and experiment doing things. This will help people to differentiate your blog from the rest. It is all about innovating as there is no fixed set of rules you need to follow to succeed.


[ This guest post is contributed by Al-Amin Kabir from Marketever. He is one of the best in Amazon niche site building, an awesome mentor and blogger from Bangladesh.]








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  1. Justin Cooke

    Hey Delwar – appreciate the Empire Flippers mention!

    I want to clear something up, though. You insinuate that we inspire other newbies to target highly competitive keywords, but that’s not actually accurate.

    From 2013: “Pay for 100% original articles of high quality and you will rank for low competition keywords without link building.”

    “The reality is that many new websites fail. This could be due to not properly targeting low competition keywords or for any number of reasons.”

    In fact, searching for the term “low hanging fruit” on Empire Flippers, you’ll find we mention exactly that quite often:


  2. zhosen201

    thank you so much and happy to see few known person and their blog in your list. best pf luck!

  3. shobuj

    I have learned new things from this post. Doing an experiment gives us the inspiration of new invention. Thanks for sharing the ideas with us. Carry on!!! Your site will be more informative and more useful to your readers.


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