Best Affiliate Marketing Websites You Can Join

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Affiliate marketing is the process where you promote other people’s or companies’ products for a commission. Depending on the program these commissions can be divided into several categories. Some pay you for clicks, some for leads, and some for sales.

In today’s discussion, we are going to list some of the best Affiliate Marketing Websites/Programs that you can join to earn a good commission.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites You Can Join

I am listing them below without any order. Some of these have physical products to deliver and some have virtual products to sell.

FYI, Doing affiliation of a virtual product will earn you more commission than selling/marketing for physical products.

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Aliexpress
  4. ShareASale
  5. ClickBank
  6. Pepperjam
  7. Merch by Amazon
  8. Teespring

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

01. Amazon

Amazon has one of the most explored and joined affiliate marketing programs on the web. Millions of affiliates live on doing amazon affiliation. They have a strict content policy to approve affiliates. You can join from anywhere in the world and after joining you need to produce 3 sales via your affiliate links within 180 days to get fully approved.

All of their terms and conditions can be found here. 

Amazon does not have the best commission rate in the market but they do have the biggest collection of products as an online retail shop. Also, people in the USA tend to buy and trust amazon a lot. These are the prime reasons marketers all over the world focus on amazon affiliation.

In recent years, Amazon has decreased its commission rate for some products from 8% to 2% and some from 4% to 1%. This is a huge blow for the marketers who invested a lot in amazon affiliate websites.

So, advice is you should always be ready for alternatives.

02. eBay

The eBay partner program doesn’t have the popularity like amazon, but still, it is one of the best affiliate networks one can join. This is a win-win situation for the people who sell through eBay. 

You can promote your product (bidding) and earn a commission, plus you increase your product sales too. While on Amazon You can’t be an affiliate of the products you are selling/listing on the site.

To check out more join their partner network here:

03. Aliexpress

While Amazon has a popular affiliate program, Aliexpress has the world’s largest product selection. The affiliate program is much better than the Amazon affiliate program in my opinion. 

Amazon has different commission levels for different categories, and they do not ship products worldwide. Also, you need to sign up for each amazon affiliate program differently for every country they support.,, all are different and you need to signup separately for them.

On the other hand, Ali express affiliate program is much easier to join and you can signup for only one account. They do support all countries and deliver goods to all over the world. So you do not need to set up a complex ecosystem for each country visitor to your site.

The commission rate is also better than the Amazon affiliate program almost 8.5% in most categories. 

Then there is an option for setting up a dropshipping business with Aliexpress much easier than Amazon. Everything is fulfilled by Aliexpress, you just take orders on your website.

Comparing all these features I wonder why people are not much interested in the Aliexpress ecosystem! Maybe the affiliate sphere is too concentrated over the USA market.

04. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate network. It connects merchants, agencies, and marketers from all over the world. They have a simple signup procedure for the marketers. There are thousands of products and merchants to choose from. 

You need to have a website with a good amount of traffic to get in. Then you can choose your merchant/product and start earning for each sale. Small and medium merchants who do not have much experience or money to run an affiliate program themselves can increase their earnings via ShareASale.

The company has been a trusted affiliate network for two decades.

05. ClickBank

Clickbank is a popular affiliate networking site for marketers who loves to promote digital products like E-Books, Software, Coaching, etc. They have the highest paying rate of 75% for products which are very much attractive.

Their regular payment system to marketers and high commission rate is the prime reason why you can try them out. Remember one thing, you need to be an experienced marketer to land your first sale. The account approval is not also easy like other affiliate networks. 

Apart from these top players in the market, affiliate networking sites are getting more popular in recent years. More and more small & medium online entrepreneurs are joining these networks. Their ROI on these networks is greater than the regular advertising budget, this is a reason.

Another reason is merchants do not need to do much, everything is fair and simple. Your products are sold by others while you can concentrate on your core business. You do not spend money unless your products are sold. 

Impact.comPepperjam affiliate networks are some good examples of these affiliate networking sites. 

digital marketing

Print on Demand (POD) Services You can Join as a Marketer

01. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s Print-on-Demand service. You need to be creative to earn via Merch by Amazon. The potential is huge. You upload your design, choose the product where you want them to print and when an order is placed Amazon will do printing, shipping, and delivery for you.

Some people mix Amazon affiliation and merch, but both have different approval processes. The affiliate program needs you to create a website or content to promote others’ products, while merch is where you sell your designs via print-on-demand service.

02. Teespring

Teespring works the same as the Merch by Amazon model This is also a print-on-demand service. You upload your creative design and set the price. There is no limit on how much you can sell or earn.

T-Shirt and apparels price determined by the user solely. For example, a T-shirt has a base production price of $10 and you can list it for $20 or $30, it all depends on how competitive you want to be in the market.

Good and creative seasonal designs sell best. Marketing is totally in your hand and Teespring has no control over that.

There are numerous POD services online, but Merch and Teespring are on top of the chain. They handle almost every aspect of your business. All you need to do is come up with a creative design.

Although POD services can’t be identified as the affiliate business model, I think this should go as the same category, which may be a sub-branch of the total affiliate ecosystem.

These are the top services you can join as an affiliate marketer. Now, most of the big companies have their affiliate program or referral system. Go to their website and search at the bottom. If they have an affiliate program it should be listed there. You can join them directly without joining any network.

The benefits of joining an affiliate network are you need to spend less time searching for products to promote and the payment systems of these networks are much more convenient.  

What affiliate network or site are you working with? What is the biggest obstacle you are facing to earn as an affiliate marketer? 

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites You Can Join 1

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