Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting, Which One You Should Choose?

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In my whole IT career, I have been very much skeptical about managed WordPress hosting. I don’t know why, but it feels to me that shared or dedicated servers are better for my WordPress sites.

The prime reason for me to skip the managed WordPress hosting is the price. They are pricey than regular cPanel hosting.

But, there are several other reasons why a novice user should choose managed hosting over cPanel hosting. Let’s talk about some facts about managed and non-managed WP hosting.

Managed Hosting


  1. Backups are taken each day and you do not need to worry about it.
  2. Setting up a site is super easy and there are fewer complications with all the server options.
  3. Updates of WP, plugins, security patches are auto-installed.
  4. Site speed is much better than any shared hosting.


  1. Only WordPress sites are managed in this type of hosting.
  2. The price per month is greater than shared hosting.
  3. You can’t install some specific plugins as they might slow down the site.
  4. You won’t get free e-mail accounts in your domain name like [email protected]. This is a normal thing for shared hosting.

Shared/cPanel Hosting


  1. The price per month is pretty cheaper around the web.
  2. You can install any software you want. They have a softaculous installer available in the cPanel.
  3. You can choose your off-server or on-server backup manually.
  4. You are getting e-mail inboxes for free.
  5. You can create several sub-domains and install new WP/other software on them.
  6. Install any theme or plugins you like.


  1. The server response is slower compared to the managed WP hosting.
  2. Uptime can be an issue if you do not choose a good host.
  3. The backup frequency is less than the managed WP hosting.

If I compare the two hosting systems then I always vote for the shared hosting. I am an expert user this is a reason and the prime reason is the price.

So, if you know your Cpanel and the way around WordPress, then my suggestion is to go for shared hosting. You can manage almost every aspect of your site in cPanel hosting. 

But, for those busy or novice person, who do not want to take the hassle and want a flawless system where they can grow with minimum hosting or WordPress knowledge, Managed WP Hosting is a great choice.

Let’s check some of my favorite managed WordPress Hosting:


I am a Namecheap customer for a long time. I used their VPS and cPanel hosting for nearly 7 years and still counting. The uptime, price, and customer support are super great in here.

All shared hosting has a speed issue and Namecheap has it too. Recently they have introduced the Managed WP hosting for users. This is better than their regular shared hosting.

If you are planning to host only one WP website in hosting then try this.

Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting, Which One You Should Choose? 1

All of their managed WP plans include:

  • 1X WordPress website
  • Installed in under 90 seconds
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
  • Seamless scalability as visitors grow
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 3X faster than traditional hosting
  • Support for any domain name provider
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage WordPress websites
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy backups and restores
  • SFTP and database access

Several things you would love in here:

  1. Better speed and uptime
  2. Customer Support
  3. Price is cheaper is solely a managed WordPress hosting provider. They do not have other hosting packages right now. That means these guys are serious to provide better service around WP.

Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting, Which One You Should Choose? 2

Although their pricing per month is $30. This is a bit more than what Namecheap charges per month that is less than $4 for the starter package and the highest value package goes to $11.88/month.

Comparing the price I would vote for NameCheap. Both companies have super quality customer service. The WP panel is simplistic in both cases.

So, you might get confused about where to host your site? My suggestion is to try them for one month with the same amount of load and check which one you love better.

One thing I saw that site speed is a bit faster on than Namecheap. In the hosting world, Money Defines Speed.

On the NameCheap starter package, you are not getting SSL for free and on this is included.

Now the choice is yours. is fairly new to me but, they seem to pass the general site load and have a clean UI. Also, you will be on their CDN service.


They are the most popular managed WordPress hosting. They have a starting package from $30 like, but you can see they do not include free SSL and the visitor allowed per month is less than

Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting, Which One You Should Choose? 3

Uptime is 99.99% and includes CDN around the world. You also get 24/7 dedicated customer support, no problem on here too.

The main thing might be a slightly slow server than the previous two. although this millisecond won’t count to anything. My main focus is now on the pricing of these three dedicated managed WordPress hosting.

NameCheap is reliable for support and uptime, their pricing is much better in the market. is fairly new to me, but they have good speed and mid-priced packages comparing to wpengine.

wpengine is an established business providing a unparalleled WordPress managed hosting.

Remember, you should choose managed WordPress hosting when you are a busy person and do not have anyone to manage your business or personal blog.

What is your thought about managed WordPress hosting? Which one you are using?

Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting, Which One You Should Choose? 4

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