How is Namecheap’s Hosting – User Review

Namecheap hostingI have used namecheap’s hosting for more than a year and I can’t say they are bad. You all know that namecheap is a domain register and they beat the price in domain registration than any other in the web market. No doubt they are the best as a domain register.

But how is there hosting service?

When I first choose them as my primary host- I was kind of worried. I have heard that hosting and domain from the same provider is like putting all the eggs in one basket. And it might turned against you. Well, I haven’t faced any big trouble in my one year time with them. So, they are not bad as people thinks.

They best thing of a hosting company should be their support and the support of namecheap is “A” class. It never took me more than an hour to sort-out any problem. The representatives are quite nice and learned. They took action immediately on any of  my inquiry.

Server speed and up-time was also good than my previous hosting providers. Sometime one of my site was a little bit slow and down for moments. I checked the matter and it was the CPU usage that was exceeding for that site. So, they have a backlash in CPU resources. I guess most of the hosting company try to put that in limit. I wish they will be better in this section.

I moved to hostgator with that site and now I don’t have to worry about the CPU resources anymore. Rather than this CPU usage limitation the overall quality of service should get 8/10 points.

The cPanel has all the options and updated scripts a person may need. The price is also comparable to other hosting providers

Why I moved?

I was going to host more than 6 website in only one hosting (cPanel account) and aware of the fact that- it might reach the CPU usage cap. That means my loading time will increase. Just for this reason I moved from there. Hostgator has a limit also, but usually I do not see any warning at hostgator.

If you are going to host a single or two websites, which will not get super duper traffic then namecheap is not a bad choice. Now they have fast VPS also- that means they are upgrading their services continuously.

In simple it is worth to give a try to start your online business.

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