5 Tips for using social blogging to grow your business

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Social blogging has become the trend now and without it, you can’t think of continuing your day. Social media is not just for socializing among normal day to day use, people are using it to get their business growing as well. There is a common notion among companies that you need to start doing social blogging. But you don’t do it just for the sake of it, but start using it to grow your business to a higher level.

Social networking is no longer regarded as a friendship store; it is now looked upon as an investment. The major sites for social blogging like web logging, micro blogging or posting status updates are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter out of the numerous others among the alternatives. Here are a couple of tips to help you boost your business using social blogging.

5 Tips for using social blogging to grow your business 1

1. Blogging and sharing

Maintaining a blog site is always best. You never know when the other social sites are inclined to make changes in their policies and restrictions which can actually make a person get irritated.

A blog site helps you jot down your memoirs, educate or inform people on your progress or learning, comment or announce on a recent happenings and events and do all that you can think of to improve your business plans.

Blogs are easy to share on other sites as well. Make sure you share it on the social networks you are active on. The more your blog gets shared among people the more it reaches to the world.

2. Strategize & prioritize

You need to plan and understand the social sites that work best for you. You don’t necessarily have to be on every network that you’ve heard of till date.

Understand your requirements and make an estimate on how you plan to publicize your content, and where. Define your product and prioritize it according to its value and target on the audience that uses your opted social site.

Don’t only talk about yourself; they might’ve got enough info from your website. You need to talk about what people need to know or would be useful to them. That way they get interested and would get engaged in what you really do too.

Getting a strategy into execution requires a good start plan. So analyze your feedback time to time and plan accordingly.

3. Interact

Get people to be more interactive on your blogging. Reply to comments and thank them even if they are negative. Handling negativity is as important as taking in good comments and praises.

Respond to critics in a positive matter unless they get abusive to which you can moderate your options and avoid spasm and abuses or threats of the same kind.

In fact, a new term has sprung up apart from B2B (business to business) is people to people.

The more you get people engaged the more you get to publicize your product. So in short, all you need to do is entertain your followers, interact with them, inform and maintain your social presence in order to reach out to new clients.

4. Constant consistency

Consistency is the keyword to social networking. Do not ignore your social site no matter what. Constant updates be it blogging, tweeting, connecting, following, posting updates/ comments is what keep followers hooked on to your site. Forget it for some time and you can forget about getting your followers back on track.

You need to always keep giving information so as to get responses to your business. Therefore make a commitment to capture your data often and keep giving it to the public forum.

Going into this, you’ll just want a good strategy for acquiring voluminous data on a consistent basis and with a consistent time period in mind. You may not see the benefits of this up front, but you’ll be happy you did it when the time comes to analyze your progress.

5. Track record

Tracking your activities could help you figure out where you need to improve or where you have done extremely well. Having an insight on your weekly or monthly development would help you to look up on your mileage.

This will include all interactions that have happened between you and your readers. You might not understand what appears in the reports so it is equally important to get one dedicated person working on the tracks or on social blogging so as to understand the traffic, how often they are generated and how your company views them.

Analysis is necessary to look at a few of these responses in combination with other metrics or on a time trending basis. Different analytic services like Google, Facebook, and so on, keep daily data for different periods of time.

All around the world, management and government employees are beginning to understand the power and the opportunity of using social media and blogging where traditional communications have dominated for many years. Social media usage is already as pervasive as email in some demographic groups. All of it makes social media very appealing, especially for communities where citizens are more tech savvy.

5 Tips for using social blogging to grow your business 2

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