Social Media Marketing: 3 Valuable Home Business Expansion Tips

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YouTube for television (beta)About one out of every two people has some form of social media page. They may use LinkedIn for professional connections, Twitter to stay informed or Facebook to connect with friends pages of personal interest. Using these sites is a good way for businesses to enjoy free and effective marketing. However, it is important to follow these tips.

Promote With YouTube Videos

With millions of views each month, YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Take advantage of the site traffic by posting videos. Keep in mind that users want to learn something useful. The information also has to be presented in an interesting way. For example, a person who has a small craft supply business would benefit more from posting instructional videos with craft ideas instead of speeches about the composition of different materials. Most people visit YouTube when they need an escape or want to learn something, so be sure to give them what they are looking for.

When using this suggestion, avoid posting too many or too few videos. While it is important to gain a customer’s initial attention, it is even more important to keep that person engaged. Posting a new video every day may be too much for a small business. Customers may get annoyed and unsubscribe from social media pages. Post interesting videos about once each week for best results.

Offer Giveaways & Contests

If there is one thing people love, it is free stuff. A good way to stick in customers’ memories is to offer bi-weekly or monthly giveaways. Even a small item is usually enough to entice them. Be sure to post status messages beforehand that notify them of the upcoming giveaway. If the prize is somewhat bigger than a small trinket, make the giveaway into a competition. For example, an at-home travel agent could offer two free airline tickets to the person who refers the most friends to the site. This will bring more traffic, spark more curiosity and be better for the business in the end. Some contests may not even need a prize. For example, ask users to submit photos for caption contests. Such a game is fun enough that people will participate without a prize reward.

Utilize Site Features

Every social media site has features that others may not. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular sites, and both have status update features. Be sure to use these, but do not abuse them. For example, only post what may be interesting to customers. Upgrading a small business may be very exciting to the owner, but customers only want to read what benefits them. It is possible to make some issues pertain to them. For example, announce a special discount to celebrate the growth of the company instead of simply bragging about expansion.

Although Facebook does not use hash tags, Twitter uses them for search purposes. For example, a person selling pet medications may put #pet meds after a status update. This would make the Twitter post available to people using a search engine even if they are not Twitter members.

Be sure to use as many pictures, videos and contests as possible. Winning the interest and trust of customers is the best way to get them to share information with friends.

Social Media Marketing: 3 Valuable Home Business Expansion Tips 1

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