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Font Selection Guide for Web Designers, What You Need to Remember

Often when designing your website, it can be time-consuming to perfect every detail, especially seemingly small details that make a huge difference in the result. One such detail is the font in which you present your text. Today I’ll explain to you how to choose...

Font Selection Guide for Web Designers, What You Need to Remember 1

21 Google Tricks You Do not Know

Google has lot's of useful applications and most of these applications are not widely used. These 21 Google hacks will make a lot of things easier for you.

21 Google Hacks

Can’t Open a Dat File? Here is How to Do it.

This is not a normal issue you face regularly. When someone send you a file you can see the extensions in the attachment as .jpg, .png. mkv. pdf etc. But when you see that you have an e-mail attachment from a client or friend that is showing the extension as .DAT...

how to open dat file

6 Tips For Creating Better One-Page Websites

One-page websites take the information normally found on a multi-page site and condense it. The result is a single, attention-grabbing page that can be one of the most effective ways to attract visitors. Businesses and individuals can make use of one-page websites...

Tips for Online Job Hunting

In the area of career management, you strive to land the job that you've always wanted. After I decided to leave my last position, I was left trying to find a job that fit my long list of credentials that I could stay at for years, work my way up, and make a lot of...


Freelancing Tips: Learn English

I get regular requests from my readers that they want to start earning online and tell them the easiest way to get started. Sorry to disappoint you, there is no easy way to earn. Each penny earned here has to be gained with your skill. If you have the skills, you...

Freelancing Tips: Learn English

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