Freelancing Tips: Learn English

May 20, 2012Tips & Tricks1 comment

Freelancing Tips: Learn English

I get regular requests from my readers that they want to start earning online and tell them the easiest way to get started.

Sorry to disappoint you, there is no easy way to earn. Each penny earned here has to be gained with your skill. If you have the skills, you can make it through easily. Otherwise, it will be only another failure path.

For my Bangladeshi brothers when you asked me how to be a freelancer, I smile and said it’s quite possible. You can earn more than me, but most of these people do not know how to read or write properly in English. That sucks and just for this you can’t be a successful online entrepreneur.

Is It Necessary to Learn English?

Yes, it is mandatory for a freelancer to learn English. You must be good at speaking, listening and writing. All three sections have to be at least 80% good than any normal person.

Most of the  Bangladeshi people can’t complete their profile on UpWork, Freelancer or Elance (now UpWork) just because they do not know how to write in error free English.

Sometimes they do not even bother to read the instructions given there. I just can’t imagine how can they fill up the complicated profile of Facebook, but not the one in UpWork or Freelancer? Maybe it’s the lack of enthusiasm or professional approach.

Landing on a Job

Landing on a new job mostly depends on your English efficiency. How you apply and your expertise is the first thing a client look at. You are going to increase the chance of getting a new job by the skill tests and learning the written or video tutorials – all these things are made in English.

As English is an international language you will see most of the job posted by clients are marked that you’ll need strong English speaking skill.

Applications will be rejected 90% of the time if you do not know how to write in good English. And some job will need you to communicate with other team members on Skype voice, text or video chat. If you do not know how to communicate then you have to let the job go.

So, you can do all these things properly if you just know – how to read or write properly in English with a fair amount of speaking capabilities. A business English will sure increase your pay rate.

Now don’t ask me how to become good in English. You have to find the answer by yourself.

Freelancing Tips: Learn English 1

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  1. English Language School

    Communication is the most important for every business also the English is the best language for communication. So that’s why I think English is very important to learn.


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