Can’t Open a Dat File? Here is How to Do it.

how to open dat file

This is not a normal issue you face regularly. When someone send you a file you can see the extensions in the attachment as .jpg, .png. mkv. pdf etc. But when you see that you have an e-mail attachment from a client or friend that is showing the extension as .DAT then you might be thinking – How on earth I am going to open this!

What is a DAT file?

A Dat file is something that is not under any common program you are using. It’s a data file that may contain music file, image or text documents. It’s kind of archive of data but the extension is not clearly announced in the code. Some e-mail programs converts the attachments to DAT file and some games also uses DAT file to archive game data.

Another program is the VCD players that uses the DAT file.

How to Open?

The question is how to open DAT file?

The most easiest way to ask the sender of the file what was in it and then you can change the extension of DAT to that file to see if that opens the file. For example: if the sender sends a MP3 music file and you received it as a DAT file then ask him if it is an MP3. Then change the .DAT to .mp3- I mean rename it with the extension and see if that works.

If you get it as winmail.dat or ATT0001.dat that means it came from a Microsoft outlook express or similar kind of E-mail service. To open this kind of attachment use this two website:

This is an online based free service that will let you upload the DAT file and extract it in your PC.

Just download the software and install in PC.

Let me know if you know any other way to open the DAT files.

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