What Makes a Great Call to Action?

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call to action targetWhether you want your website to collect leads for your business or persuade visitors to make a purchase, you need a way to get people to follow your desired path. The best way to do this online is through the use of a call to action. Although you may think it’s rude to directly tell people what you want them to do, having this focus and clarity can actually improve the experience they have while they’re on your site.

Since strong calls to action are the key to getting more from your site, let’s look at what you can do to make the ones you implement great:

Highly Visible

If visitors can’t see a call to action, it’s not going to inspire them to do anything. The two best ways to make a call to action visible are to place it above the fold and use a color that stands out.

Tailored to a Specific Page

Many businesses make the mistake of creating one call to action for their homepage and then copying it to every other page of their website. While that doesn’t take long to do, it’s also not going to yield very good results. If you want to make the most of every page of your site, you’ll want to tie your call to action into the focus of the specific page it’s on.

Doesn’t Beat Around the Bush

“Action” is the most important word in this element’s name. If all a CTA does is get visitors’ attention, it’s not going to help your company’s bottom line. A call to action not only needs to get people’s attention, but also be compelling enough to get them to do what you want. That’s why the more direct you can be, the better. You also need to convey that visitors should take action now instead of waiting around and telling themselves they’ll get to it later. If you’re simply not sure how to do this, you’re going to find the next tip to be very helpful.

Adjusted and Optimized Based on Experiment Data

As you can see, there are some concrete call to action best practices. And while they will give you a solid start, they’re actually just the tip of the iceberg. The reason is that there’s a specific demographic you want your business website to target. Since every business has their own demographic they want to reach, what works incredibly well for a website in another industry may only yield mediocre results for your business.

The good news is all you need to do to avoid limiting your results is to experiment and analyze the data you collect. By letting this data guide your tests, you’ll be able to hone your calls to action over time to be as effective as possible!

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