13 Must-Know Tips to Create a Successful Facebook Business Page [Infographic]

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When I am writing this post, Facebook has 3 million active advertisers. This number should make you think, why so many advertisers are spending millions on Facebook?

The Market is where people are. If people are on Facebook then that is the market. This is where Facebook wins over other social media platforms. People are willingly spending time on Facebook and advertisers have to come here.

Same thing goes for your business. If you are a business owner that somehow related to people in a specific country, age or location – Facebook is a superb platform for you to do the marketing campaign.

And I am sure that all business are related to people :). So, everyone needs to get here sooner or later.

[alert-announce]Do you know that there are more than 1.55 billion active Facebook users monthly![/alert-announce]

Your Facebook company page not only increase your branding capability but also builds your follower base, increase client support capability, promotion and obviously gaining new customers.

But, there are millions of company pages and how your one is going to stand out?

The following infographic from quill describes how you can build, increase and market your business through Facebook pages.

This Infographic is for those who wants to:-

01. Build their follower base
02. Increase the visibility of products
03. Improve branding
04. Increase communication and loyalty of new and old customers

Let’s dig into it and see what we got today.


13 Must-Know Tips to Create a Successful Facebook Business Page [Infographic] 1

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