7 Ways You Can Walk the Content Marketing Tightrope Successfully

If you believe that only the mainstream media have power over the consumers then you are missing a big part of your marketing effort. Statistics shows that nine out of ten consumers would love to checkout the content from their favorite brands. They love it and believes it as trustworthy.

To gain consumers trust you need to create original and share worthy content off-course. The editorial reviews are seen to be trusted by 58% of the consumers, but it can be increased to a level of 74% if your content seems educational and do not push consumers only to products. Write up to teach about your products and they will think about buying, not just the piece why they should buy.

It’s not easy to write an educational content that will not only focus your brand, but it also delivers a great varieties of information about your products. The more you write-up in a friendly and funny way the better people will get along with you.

Why content marketing is still king

Infographic courtesy of: insightsinmarketing.

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