8 Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Website

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8 Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Website

There are numerous online articles talking about SEO, websites monetizing and optimization. Most of them advice changing your post titles, point the main features of your story, use keywords, add images, and so on. However, only few talk about the importance of having videos on your blog. No doubt a well-written content has a great positive effect on your audience. But having a good video makes you stand out. It can also attract visitors, make them return to your site, and bring the success to your company. According to the stats shared by HubSpot, 87% of online marketers are currently using videos in their digital marketing strategies.

Let’s check what important benefits your business will get with a right-made video content.

Bring Mobile Traffic

Most people surf the Net from their mobile gadgets. If you have ever read a long article on a smartphone, you might know that it can be a real pain even when the website has responsive design. Besides, your visitors might not have that much time to read your post up to the end. A video makes a process simpler. Instead of reading a long article, the visitors will just watch a video and will likely share it with friends. Simply Measured states that video is shared 1,200% more than links and posts taken together. Besides, the HubSpot statistics report that tells that 59% of potential customers would rather watch a video than read a post.

Bring Mobile Traffic

There is one thing to keep in mind here. Don’t forget that your video should play well in any browser. It’s highly recommended to upload video to your website in three formats (MP4, WebM, OGG) so that any visitor could enjoy it. You may use Freemake Video Converter to convert a video in all three formats at the same time. The tool has an HTML5 output option that provides ready videos, a media player, and a code to copy and paste on your website page. Thus your video will have smooth playback in Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and other browsers.

Rank Higher in Google Search

One of the parameters that influence your website performance in Google is how long people stay on your page. The point is that the more time people spend on your website page, the more relevant your content is. In most cases, watching a video requires much more time than reading an article or watching pics. Thus embedding videos on your landing pages may help increase conversion rates by over 80%.

According to the statistics, visitors who have seen a video will recall it even after some months and will likely buy your product.

One more thing worth mentioning is that Google prefers video content to the text one. According to one research, for Google, an indexed video might be up to 50 times more important and get a higher chance of ranking on the first page in search results than a textual webpage. If you upload your high-quality video to YouTube, provide a good description, and your company information, you might become noticeable right asap. Not to mention that you will get new potential customers from YouTube and other social networks where people will share your video and recommend your products.

Rank Higher in Google Search

Show Off Your Product

It’s always better to see a product than to read its description. Of course, you can use pics to show what you sell. But a video will give a better impression. If you sell clothes, for example, a 360 look will demonstrate all the details of a dress and give an idea how it looks like when a person is moving.

When you sell software or tech gadgets, you might create how-to guides to make potential customers know how to properly use it.

Stand Out From Competitors

The statistics report that over 90% of visitors make a decision to buy your product after watching a video. Thus, the number of business owners who prefer having videos on their websites has been growing day by day. Use the video content to introduce your brand to new visitors, answer their possible questions, or even make them laugh to create an unforgettable impression.

8 Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Website 1

You can even watermark your videos to make people immediately recognize you or learn who you are.

Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

Getting visitors to come to your website once is a cool thing; making them return again and again is a perfect thing. Whenever visitors return to your website or blog, it’s a great chance to tell them about your most valuable offers, benefits they can get, and encourage them to take specific purchases.

One of the ways to get people return to your webpage regularly is to add interesting, astonishing, and useful videos that at the same time deliver your targeted message and provide value to your viewers. It works even better when your video content serves to educate people on a particular topic. For example, you may show them how your product could save them in a difficult situation or save their time in doing an everyday routine.

Make Friends with Your Clients

People like to watch backstage videos and see what’s going on behind the closed doors. Besides, visitors fell more comfortable when they buy things from “real” people they feel to know. Introduce your team members to your clients, show how you create or use your products, record special presentations or funny background moments. All these things will get your customers closer to your company.

Use Video to Earn Money

If you have content that is definitely worth sharing, you can use video to earn substantial money from it. For example, you can ask visitors to pay for downloading informational or entertainment videos. Alternatively, you can provide bonus videos at a decent price. In case your video is popular, and many people come to watch it, you might use this situation for a good cause and place advertising on your video pages.

8 Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Website 2

Use Video to Promote a Sale or Special Event

Usually, when a company creates an event or wants to promote an upcoming sale, it uses attractive banners on the main page, email campaigns, and social media posts. That’s where you can be unique and use videos to advertise upcoming specials on your website. For example, you can include a promo code somewhere in the middle of your video or create a special promo for the goods you are planning to sell. For an event, you can show a short preview and backstage preparations.

If these reasons seem convincing to you and you plan to start preparing videos for your business right now, here are a couple of things to make it better. Upload your videos to all possible videos hosting platforms and provide clear descriptions with relevant keywords. Add a good description onto your website to engage new visitors watching and then sharing it. Don’t save money on quality and if possible, rely on professionals to help you create an amazing video. Try to keep your video short. Even if you have a perfect-quality video, people won’t watch it in case it’s too long. Try to explain the point quickly and in simple words.

8 Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Website 3

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