Ways to Increase Your Organic Visitors

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Measurement of website traffic is one of the best ways to know how effective your website is and how it is performing on the web. One could partially measure the success of the website through the amount of the visitors that your website is receiving on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is also the best way to know that whether the marketing strategy you implemented is effective or not.

organic visitors

To increase the organic visitors, it is important to conduct off page optimization and on-page optimization for your website to help the search engines index your pages that will drive traffic. Below mentioned are some of the important on-page optimization techniques on which one should focus:

  • Title optimization: This would help your pages to get the brand, and search engines can easily identify it and will come to know, what this specific page is about.
  • Rewriting URL: It is the best way to tell search engines what your particular page is focusing on. For example if your page is related to SEO Services, then your should be “domainxyzcom/Seo–services”
  • Placing keywords: Placing the keywords in the content of your webpages help the search engines to discover and index your pages. But these keywords should be in limit i.e. they should not be overstuffed. These keywords let the search engines to figure out what specific content is about.
  • Internal linking: To increase the engagement of users to your website, you should do internal linking. This internal linking will help your users to get related information to that particular link and the other articles/pages will open for the in-depth details.

If your website doesn’t appear in first page of search engine results, then the chances of getting the organic visitors will decrease. But, if you conduct the strategies to help your website to receive juice from different domains, you will definitely stand out in your competitors and it also increases the possibility of coming on the first page of search results. You can perform the following strategies to help your website to gain its authority:

By using the above mentioned strategies, you would be able to acquire high quality links from highly reputed sites, and then you will definitely increase your position on search engine result pages.

Besides this, the presence on social media would also help you to bring organic traffic. Driving traffic on social media takes time to fully develop and not all of them would be interested to go to your website because of the reason you are connected on social media. Here is the procedure, how Social Media marketing can be done and boost the traffic to your website:

  • Find the target visitors
  • Participate in community
  • Provide information within your network

Find Target visitors: Find out the people who are in the same niche/business as you are. It is recommended to look for the people who are interested in your niche and share their knowledge in the form of relevant information or content within your niche. You can find your audience on all social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and filter the results by using industry name, organizations, groups etc.

Participate in community: To drive the attention of the target audience, participate in discussions that are being made by everyone on your pages. You should try to actively participate and communicate within your network so as to get noticed by the influences in your group. It takes time to build visitors on social media sites, but once you build trust and foundation, you will get the benefit in long run.

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