Blog commenting as link building

Bloggers are busy in writing articles for them and everybody. If you are a blogger then you are busy too. But writing good articles won’t always bring you success. You have to announce yourself to the world. Let them know. people don’t need hidden treasures in your blog- they want to read and comment about it. And for that you have to concentrate on blog comments.

What is it?

Blog commenting is a way to socialize with the readers and giving respect to the author. Under the post page – in most of the blogs, there is a form to leave your comments. That is the comment section. If you are willing to make a successful and great blog then you have to concentrate on improving your comment section.

Why you need it?

Blog commenting is an easy way to get back links from the high page ranked site. This is actually most easy way. I always try to read what others bloggers are writing about. And if the post inspires me – then why not give him a comment of inspiration? And in return you can put your blog’s link. I don’t mind about it.

01. Rather browsing and spending a lot of money on getting links, I think this is the most easy and better way to get noticed by the search engines. And thus you can improve your ranks too.

02. When you are leaving comments and links on the page you liked, which has the same type of niche of yours- then it’s easy for you to grab more visitors.

03. If you comment regularly on a blog, then the other readers will get to know you and come to your blog too.

04. Encourage your readers to put comments in your blog. This will increase the interaction with you and them.

05. A comment section is the part where you get to know about your readers and let them enlighten you with new ideas and views. So try to answer everyone in your blog.

06. Commenting or giving answers in your own blog also shows that – you are concerned about your ideas and can tell more to the readers if the need too. It’s a way to keep people coming.

How to leave a comment

Now you can’t go to any blog and leave a comment like “thanks” or “great post” and then put your link back. This is just a kind of spamming. I personally don’t like it. You have to read the post and then comment on a special line or point. That will show that you have read the topics and really want to know. Keep some points in your mind while commenting in other blogs.

01.  Try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes while commenting. This can put bad impression on you.

02.   If possible leave your comments with some information that proves you are an expert too.

03.  Give your real name in the name field if needed. Don’t try to mock people with your brand name. That’s stupid and annoying. Most of them can easily get that this is not your name.

04.  Don’t give comments on all of the post and not all at once. The intention of people doing this is clear – “Getting more links in short time”. Most of the time they can’t do any quality comment. As a result get deleted.

05.  Try to give different comments in different blogs. Don’t leave a single type of comments in 10 or 20 blogs. It can be easily identified by the bloggers that you are a spammer.

Keep in mind that – your blog’s comment section is the proof that your blog is alive and informative. It is the way to socialize and interact with your readers. So use it carefully and use it more.

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