Dedicated Vs. Shared Hosting

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Dedicated Vs. Shared Hosting Comparison

There are numerous ways to approach web hosting, yet web hosting can essentially be divided into two types – dedicated and shared. Unless a business or individual runs a sizable web operation, the dilemma of shared vs dedicated web hosting will most likely be a consideration as you scheme away your present and future online needs. There are pros and cons that need to be thought out, and this guide helps lay out those small but significant differences.

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Also referred to as virtual hosting, shared hosting is where a third party hosts your database for a monthly charge, with various web servers operating at the same box. All hardware and software utilities are provided by the host themselves. The client is responsible solely for the content while the host manages all other details, such as server setup, bandwidth management, security protocols, and backup.

The first plus to shared hosting is its price. Since you’re using a reasonable portion of a single server, the cost is spread equally across various clients. You are not directly handling the servers, so you do not have to source IT utilities to complete web projects. Security, a factor that has been associated with anything that involves the Internet, is handled and assured by the host.

Another reason for a less expensive price is the fact that you do not have to invest money to purchase hardware for storage and backup. No more file cabinets, compact disks, external drives, and other hardware that are normally required for a full-blown online server installation, such as servers, routers, and firewalls.

Of course, shared hosting isn’t the perfect option. There are flaws to be ruled out including limitations, which notably vary from one host to the next. For instance, some service providers limit bandwidth while others restrict disk space. If your server is situated on the same server as a prominent website, your server’s performance can suffer drastically as the web servers battle it out for CPU and RAM. Due to these limitations, a shared hosting service is only recommended for small to midsize firms who do not have the expertise or resources to handle intensive projects.

serverDedicated Hosting: Pros and Cons

Dedicated hosting connotes that your web server is placed on its personal space, which is owned and facilitated by the third-party host. The management relies on what is offered by the host; many offer specialized managed dedicated server software that guarantee ongoing monitoring of server performance and routine tasks.

A benefit of using a dedicated hosting service is that you are given full control over the machine and identify what online programs are operating. In general, this does not just encompass single web servers operating on its personal box, but a more challenging medium operating intricate applications like Cold Fusion or ASP.

Another benefit of this approach is flexibility. As soon as you require some major changes, you can make them instantly on your terms. Also, you have more flexibility with controlling the time and budget for the service. Thanks to these variables, a dedicated hosting service is perfect for heavy traffic and mission-crucial scenarios where investments in hardware, staffing, and bandwidth are anticipated and restricted.

A con with this approach is that it is somewhat costly. For the extended freedom you get plus the speed of the service, you should expect to get a more expensive fee than the ones you get from a dedicated hosting service.

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