Driving Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

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pinterestRunning a successful website online requires the ability to captivate an audience while understanding how to put various tools and resources to use to help continue to grow your fan base. Whether you have launched an online blog for yourself or if you are trying to increase page views to an official store you run from home, doing so is possible with the use of social media marketing including Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social networking community that brings websites, DIY tutorials, photos and plenty of links all together in one location. Once you register for your own Pinterest account within the community, you can then begin to create your own virtual “Pinboards”, while uploading and sharing your own content. Using Pinterest as a networking tool and as a method of promoting your own website or blog is possible by staying active and understanding how to put the site to use with its full potential.

Use Your Brand Name

When you begin registering for a Pinterest account, use the name of your brand or the website you want to represent. Streamlining all of your social media accounts to match the actual brand or website you are trying to promote is a way to increase your visibility as recognition as a business. Additionally, streamlining your logo and brand in all of the online communities you join also helps with building your credibility and positive reputation in the business world.

Create Categorized Boards

Once you have an account with Pinterest, begin by creating categories to organize the virtual boards you plan to make from the content of your own website. If your website is a “DIY” site for crafts and at-home projects, you may want to create a category for pins including “Cooking”, “Fabric Crafts”, “Wood Crafts” and so on to match the type of content you plan to share. Creating categories is a way to save time when you want to quickly add and publish new content to your own Pinterest.

Share Your Content

Any time you add a new blog post or a piece of content to your site you can add it to your own Pinterest. Using Pinterest allows you to “pin” any website or URL immediately to the virtual pinboards you have created. The more content you add to your Pinterest, the easier it is to gain followers and peak the interest of other users who are browsing Pinterest simultaneously.

You can also share any type of content you upload to Pinterest via other social networking communities. Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Vine are all ideal tools to promote the content you have recently posted to your Pinterest account.

Integrate Pinterest With Your Site

Many CMS (content management systems) setups and blogs today allow you to integrate social media directly into your posts and the content you publish. When you include social media buttons for networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest it is extremely easy to share your newly-published content instantly to hundreds or thousands of followers. When you place social media buttons on your site it also encourages your own readers and online followers to share your content without you promoting it first.

Consistent Updating

The more consistently you update your Pinterest account, the easier it is to keep your followers intrigued and sharing the content you want to promote. Add “tags” and “hashtags” to each one of your virtual pins on Pinterest to attract users who are searching Pinterest for specific crafts or information that is relevant to what you have shared.

Driving traffic to your website from your Pinterest is not difficult, but it does require a bit of persistence and a commitment to understanding how to reach your audience. Being involved with social media at all times is the quickest way to build a positive reputation online, regardless of the industry you represent and the type of site you want to build.

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