Everything You Need to Know About SiteGround

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SiteGround is a web hosting group, which has been around since 2004. With data centers located in the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Singapore, the number of domains operated by the company is approaching 2,000 000.  The company has a team of +500 employees around the globe.

The company provides varied hosting options, which include webhosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and Cloud Hosting. Placement of data centers on three continents provides for global closeness and quick operation, regardless of users’ location.

SiteGround Reaches the Top

About SiteGround

SiteGround provides the following services, which are nothing less than web hosting essentials:

Website building. The company uses Weebly – an easy-to-use website building tool featuring a simple drag-and-drop editor and offering a handful of layouts. For content management, SiteGround uses the whale WordPress solution, which creates a highly flexible and expansible basis for any online business.

Website management. Given the complexity of the process, the company demonstrates a striving to ease clients’ lives by incorporating and implementing user-friendly one-click tools. These include setup wizard, cPanel, billing management tools, auto-install solutions, and other features, which rid one of a lot of dull and routine work.

Domain management is another important criterion of SiteGround’s work. The company provides about 50 domain extensions and offers a migration service for those who would like to join the SiteGround community.

Security is paramount for all website owners, and so it is for SiteGround. The company keeps pace with the time and uses advanced techniques to eliminate vulnerabilities, hack threat and malicious code. Security rules are updated and upgraded on a regular basis, as the company uses the Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AI antibot system. Finally, SiteGround provides SSL to all websites.

Support is a key variable concerning a web hosting service’s reliability. SiteGround is available 24/7 and welcomes users to contact them using the phone, live chat and tickets (first repky up to 10 minutes).

Migration is very easy with SiteGround. The company has developed WordPress Migrator – a plugin that ensures smooth migration of all databases, files, elements, etc., between accounts. It is a bright example of how a hi-tech solution can make a once complicated and mind-busting process into a piece of cake. 


SiteGround offers three plans for different categories of users: the StartUp, the GrowBig, and the GoGeek. The names just speak for themselves.

The StartUp ($3.95/month) is the cheapest one, and it offers essentials and a few goodies, which would suffice for a beginner: 1 website, 10 GB of web space and 10 000 visits per month.

The GrowBig ($5.95/month) allows one to run an unlimited number of websites, provides 20 GB of web space and up to 25 000 visits monthly, plus a set of premium features

The GoGeek ($11.95/month) comes with an unlimited number of websites, 30 GB of space, 100,000 visits, the premium and the “geeky” advanced set of features.

What Makes a Web Hosting Service Attractive?

SiteGround ranks as one of the top web hosting providers thanks to their endless striving to keep their standards high. It is reputation and users’ opinion that make the lion’s share of a company’s success. In turn, reputation and opinion largely depend on performance. With the number of hosting services growing every day, many users have difficulty deciding which one is trustworthy and reliable. Happily, there are services, whose job is collecting performance data on web hosting providers and sharing it with users. They share variables on the most important parameters of a company’s performance, which include:

  • Uptime/downtime
  • Response time
  • Shared IPs
  • Hosted websites

Also, these services share diagrams that reflect performance dynamics over a period of time. These indicators depend on the type and quality of hardware and software used by the company, as well as the staff’s qualification and integrity. All this creates a clear picture of who and what a provider is and helps potential clients do research, make judgments and final decisions.

Given the advantages described above, this is what SiteGround looks like based on these pinpoint characteristics (over the last 30 days):

  • Uptime: 99.997%
  • Downtime: 77 h 30 m
  • Response time: 548 ms
  • Shared IPs: 4,019
  • Hosted websites: 327,348

Because data changes all the time, these figures are not going to be the same tomorrow.

Now, a little clarification on what these stand for. The 99.997% uptime means that websites hosted by the company remained operational and available for 99.997% of the given period (30 days). The remaining 0.003% (77h 30 m) is the downtime – a total time when these websites were not working due to technical issues. This happens to any hosting service one day, but zero downtime should be the holy grail of a decent web hosting service provider. So should be response time – the amount of time, within which a service responds to a client’s request. As we can see from above, it takes 548 ms for SiteGround to react to a request.

A shared IP is an IP address, at which a number of websites operate on a webserver. The number of hosted websites (327,348) divided by the number of shared IPs (4,019) can tell you how many websites the company’s shared IPs can use simultaneously. This pretty much reflects SiteGround’s capacity and workload the company can handle

This is the basic information, which can give a potential client an idea of what he or she can expect from a particular hosting provider.

The company’s professional and user-oriented approach has prompted it to implement advanced yet simple and user friendly techniques, which have pretty much boosted their performance and made it more of an attraction for users.

SiteGround demonstrates a striving to replace what they think of as outdated technologies with more versatile ones. For example, they have given up VPS hosting and now are focusing on cloud-based technologies instead.

Given SiteGround’s technological breakthrough, its pricing plans (even the GoGeek) do not look extortionate at all, as compared to many other web hosting services, which still have quite a way to go toward the top list.

Everything You Need to Know About SiteGround 1

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