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I am always trying to know about the resources of internet – those I can get for free. Because I love free and open source things. So when I am collecting information about the free hosting services, I noticed that – most of the blogger doesn’t like free hosting and nobody said they are good. That’s interesting. Because still there are a huge number of people who are using free hosting. My short discussion is about that.


Free Hosting

Free hosting are those that offers free of cost hosting services to you. Actually, it’s not free. They put adverts in banner or text format in your website to sum up the cost. Sometimes they use pop-ups too. So this is the general idea of free hosting.

What you get is an amount of 200 MB to 1 GB space with these kind of free hosting and there is a limit of data transfer rate within 1 GB to 5GB per month. That’s what most of the free hosting is offering. And even you can’t have all the facilities a paid hosting offers – in these free hosting. Some of them may not give you to add your own domain. Or don’t give you FTP access. And the most important thing is there loading time and down time.

My Choice of Free Hosting

OK – there’s no doubt about that a paid hosting is better than a free hosting. But what if someone gives you the paid hosting in a limited form for free. And this limit is better than any of the free hosting around the web!!! Yes, it’s true. You can enjoy the facilities of a paid hosting with the free hosting that is offered by Byethost. Let’s talk about it.

Byethost is offering two types of free hosting. Vista panel and cPanel. Both are great. You can get up to 5 GB space and 200 GB data transfer in Vista Panel hosting. Add-on domains, Park Domains, MX Records, Sub domains and FTP access are all included there. Go to 000space or to check the full details. I am quite impressed with their options.

Again, there is cPanel hosting – the best I think. You can check it at A fully professional cPanel hosting for free. No advertisement, no popups and it’s for a lifetime. How could you miss?

How They Afford It?

As I told you, nothing is free. So how they afford this kind of free hosting? I have mailed to their support and got good answers. I did following questions and get these answers.

Question 1: How you managed to give away this kind of free hosting? I mean, how do you afford it?

Answer: We started by offering free hosting using advertising to support us, over time we have had many people upgrade to premium hosting, these monies from upgraded hosting accounts can be used to subsidize the cost of the free hosting.


Question 2: What is your benefit from this?

Answer: Through people upgrading we can build a larger network for all people’s benefits.


Question 3: How much free a person can get?

Answer: This is all subjective to the ‘load’ that a site creates, but if your site is not causing any adverse load, then you can host here for free forever.

These were their answers. That’s a clear and good response.  So if you are looking for a free hosting without advertisement and want the  facilities like paid hosting, I am recommending you to Byethost. They are simply great.

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