How to Identify Facebook Fake Profiles

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It has no doubt that Facebook is now the world’s no.1 social media site. It’s rare to hear in Bangladesh that – one of your friends doesn’t have a Facebook profile. I can find every one of my friends on Facebook. That’s a good thing. We are getting connected and sharing our views on Facebook, though we do not have the time to phone each other.

But the problem starts when I heard that there are fake profiles on my friend’s name. Facebook has a huge amount of fake profiles. Sometimes they steal photos and information from other’s profiles. And begin to connect with their friends. Your friends might give access to their profiles and their information becomes available also to the fake person.

In my honest opinion – please do not add any person just by their profile looks. Actually, we should not add unknown people. As the world’s people met there, so spammers are also trying to spam and abuse the place. Stay connected only with friends and family.

How to Identify Facebook Fake Profiles 1

Identify the Fake Profiles

So how could you identify a Facebook fake profile? Let’s make some points on a fake profile. What they do and how you can recognize to avoid them.

01. Fake profiles are created by fake photos of real persons. Most of the time these photos are copied from Facebook. And the person copies only two to three photos.

02. Profiles having only one real picture with some other meaningless pictures have a 95% possibility to be a fake profile.

03. If you do not know the person and added by him/her and got messages like “I want to be your friend”. Don’t accept.

04. If you are not that handsome or you haven’t give any clear profile pictures – still hot and sexy girls want to be your friend.

05. Most of the time fake profiles are of girls. And the girl is good-looking, having only one or two profile pictures.

06. Look at their status updates. The fake profile’s status is not regularly updated. They do less interaction with others. They do not make comments regularly; they are not tagged by others in photos.

07. They have a huge friend number. More than normal. Check your friend’s profile –How many friends you or your friend have? They have more than that.

08. No occasion photos. This can be easily identified. A fake profile does not have many photos of attending any occasion. This place is just empty.

09. Adding friends from all over the world and location.

10. Using attractive pictures of celebrities or such a picture that does not give a clear view of who they are!

11. Don’t have any personalized information and photos of friends or families.

12. Joins all the groups and sends add requests and suggestions to all.

13. Some profiles are created only for the marketing purpose of some web products. You can see a similar kind of feed or wall posting throughout the month on their wall.

So keep away from fake profiles and tell your friends to do the same. You can report to Facebook against the fake profiles but they need time and a good number of reports. Just keep away and mark the profile by telling others on your friend list about it. Remember – Most of the fake profile uses girl’s pictures and only attractive pictures. Do not respond to anyone until you don’t know who it is.

How to Identify Facebook Fake Profiles 2

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    Hey dude thanks for the information.

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    Thanks for the article. It is very useful.

  4. D.J.Rony

    I am glad that it helped you. Please do report all of the fake profiles to your friends. We don’t want anybody to get robbed.


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