Inbound Marketing Strategies that Will Help to Grow Your Business

Inbound Marketing Strategies

What is Inbound Marketing?

I do not think everyone reading my blog understand what inbound marketing is. So, this needs to be clear before I get to the points.

According to Wikipedia, the inbound marketing refers to promoting a company through blogging, video, newsletter, physical products, podcast, eBooks, social media promotion etc.

This is not direct product marketing, but getting the company popular and trustworthy in the sales funnel. Winning the customers trust is the main goal of inbound marketing.

Customers get to the product eventually.

Traditional marketing where the companies directly promote their product, price and usefulness are somehow different from inbound marketing.

It has seen that inbound marketing has created better results than direct marketing or product promotion.

This is obvious that I wouldn’t buy a mobile after a company markets it. I will rather buy it if a friend or colleague reviews it as great.

From the Hubspot academy, “Inbound Marketing is promoting your brand through helpful content around the web. Like blogs, social media, and other channels. This is the future of online promotion for any brand or company.”

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Hubspot even has training for online professionals and giving out certificates for Inbound Marketing experts.

Inbound marketing is not just getting traffic to your desired page or product landing page. It is all about getting the right kind of people and visitors that will convert into customers.

This is why Inbound Marketing is so important in online marketing now.

Why You Need to Learn Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Strategies works great. This is why companies pay the reviewers with free products and money. This will happen often if you have a popular blog. The more your authoritative voice are, the better your earning will be as a blogger.

There are plenty of YouTube video makers who earn their livelihood just by reviewing products. They even get the products for free. Companies are paying a lot just to expand their expert opinions to their viewers.

For example, I was curious to know “how much a YouTuber earns who have 1 million subscribers?

The answer was astonishing.

Olga Kay knee socks” as a full-time YouTube video maker earns around $100,000 – $130,000 per year ($8.3k – 10.8k per month) for each of the last three years. This is a rough estimation.

Although this is dependent on the country, age, sex and how much good your video content is. If you sell merchandise through your videos that adds up more money.

[Source: Quora]

You can read the full story on NY Times here: Chasing Their Star, on YouTube

The popular statistics grabbing platform social blade has a nice detailed info about the top YouTubers. Check it here.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

So, there are no questions about Inbound marketing will help grow your business.

business do not grow by themselves. They need nurtures and promotion. Inbound marketing Strategies are a great way to promote your business.

The following infographic from Eliv8 has 21 strategies that will help you to decide how you should do your inbound marketing.

This infographic is very detailed in every step. I would suggest you to take your time and bookmark the page.

21 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Quickly Grow Your Business


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