Link Building Techniques that Still Works Like Magic!

In the changing era of Google’s search metrics – marketers and SEO specialist are facing difficulty to increase authority of their site’s. We already know that Google will penalize you if you buy paid links. There is always a way to find out if you are doing it wrong. Still you do need inbound back links to rank up the position and authority of your site. So, at the end it always comes to creating good quality content that people will link back eventually.

The following infographic from Engagebit shows how you are doing it wrong all these times and what actually needs to be done. It describes how to create more appealing content that will get link back by it’s own.

One point should be mentioned separately here that is, data driven content generates 283% more back links than your regular blog contents. This means people loves to see smart analysis and stats in a post. It also makes your content smarter. This is why they tend to link back to the information more.

link building strategy

Creating appealing content is the key to get natural backlinks


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