Niche Selection – First Step to Blogging Profit

May 12, 2013Blogging4 comments

I have been asked several times about why one blog fails while another rises and earns a lot. This is very frustrating for a first time blogger. This problem occurs when you can’t/haven’t choose a profitable niche.

What is a profitable niche and how to find it?

I suggested people several times to start a blog for a hobby or profession. But things won’t work the same way for a professional blogger like it works for a hobby blogger. A hobby blogger can blog on any topics and write whatever he wants. But for a blogger who wants to earn from it and want to take blogging as profession then at the very beginning of their journey even before registering a domain they need to choose the perfect niche to profit in the long run.

So the most important part of blogging should be choosing your topic. This topic can be of your interest or anything that you are a master of.  If you do not find find any topic that is profitable and you have interest in it then you can’t succeed. I can say it more easily by the following Equations:-

  • You have interest in a thing to describe= You can blog on that.
  • You have interest+ knowledgeable about the topic (niche)=You can be a popular person on that particular subject.
  • The topic is profitable + You have interest + You Have Knowledge= A popular and profitable blog

Profitable Blogging Chart

Niche selection or topic selection whatever you call it- try to choose it carefully. This selection will determine what domain you will buy and how you are going to prepare your plan for a profitable blogging.

But remember the rules, you must love the ideology of the topics and are knowledgeable or willing to research more on that particulate niche. This is the only way to rise as a professional blogger.

The myth of niche selection

The era of micro niche has ended by Google and so the bloggers with the spammy and  copycat designed blog has fallen from the scenario. Now you have to find a useful and interesting niche to profit from your blog and it must contain your effort to success.

What niches are profitable is a myth. There are several niches and none can give you the assurity that blogging on that niche will bring you profit. It all depends on the public demand and the trends. To choose a niche  you should look into the Google Trends for an idea: Type in a topic and you can see the results of the market demand.

As for suggestion some people say ( I am not quite sure about these) the following topics or niches are quite profitable:-

  1. Medicine and health care
  2. Law
  3. Technology ( you have to be selective and narrow down your choices)
  4. Education and study abroad

There are plenty of more and you have to use your head to find one.

I have another suggestion for you that is- never ever choose money making as your niche. You can almost fail every time with this kind of blog.

I hope this little discussion is going to help you decide on your niche selection. One perfect niche that is in your grasp can make you one of the popular blogger on the web and if that is profitable you will be a rich person within a year. So determine and  do your homework first before you jump in blogging.

Niche Selection - First Step to Blogging Profit 1

I am a Blogger and Online Marketer. I started blogging in 2006 and since then I self taught myself "how to earn a decent income from online profession".

Currently, I am working as a freelance Web Designer and Marketing Consultant.

You can contact me for a schedule. Send me an e-mail at: [email protected]


  1. Emmanuel Cudjoe

    Going in for a profitable niche all ought to be based on what one s passionate about.

    • Wish Master

      Sure bro. If you don’t love running then you can never be a runner.

  2. M.H Sujon

    I just create my blog about online earning. I already apply for google ad-sense. You can suggest me for get approval of my appalling ad-sense.

    • DJ Rony

      Please check in the community page for the approval page. There is a Adsense group for help.


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