Why Your Facebook Account is Important !!!

Facebook is the world’s most visited social networking site now-a-days. Ask your friend – all of them have a Facebook account. Even who doesn’t know how to run a computer also have an account and updates it with his mobile phone.

Today I am sharing my point of view why Facebook is too much important in our life ( if you don’t have an account then this is not for you). First of all it is the most popular social networking site because of its simplicity and availability in almost all the languages. You can also find Bangla in Facebook. Most of my friend updates their  status in Bangla. I like it. Thanks to Bangla Unicode ( Auvro ).


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It is the platform to create new friends – but that’s not all. All of my old school friends and college friends and now University friends have a profile and we are sharing views and status very often. Some of them I thought I would never meet again is now in my reach. All I have to say is hello and drop a message. So it plays a vital role in maintaining  our social life now. Even sometimes I forgot to mail someone and then in Facebook we chat or drop comments.

There is a little problem with some people about their privacy. But if you are a good user – I mean skilled, then you can maintain that too. People is spending lots of hours now a days on Facebook. So it is becoming a knowledge-base of information about their personal and social life. We can share , we can have fun, we can chat and we can store our photos too. What more the young generation needs?

But do you know, why I think it has become so popular?  There are lots of social networking site in the web. None of them are this much popular. Because of  Facebook’s  simplicity and easy navigation. It highlights only on sharing and managing your friends information. So you always remain unaware of that you are wasting a lot of time. The live outlook gave it’s the power to feel you surrounded with friends.

Beware, when you are updating your status or sharing any comments on Facebook. Because that reflects your personality and your friends and family might react on that. And when sharing photos – you should know that a lot of people including your friends and their friends are going to view that. So if it is bad, then they might get a bad impression about you.

We are spending a lot of time on Facebook and doing different activities like playing games or reading the horoscope etc. As a result it might affect our personal life too. I have read about a wife killed his husband , because of the changed status from Married to Single. I don’t know its true or not. But it’s shocking. And there have a lesson that, Facebook is like your virtual life. It is getting stronger day by day.

If I have only a person’s name or E-Mail address and I have to collect some info. about him/her, then I will obviously search Facebook first. Because it’s the easy and cheap way.

Do you love your Facebook account? I do. I think it’s a great way to show my new creation to my friends and followers. Facebook makes people lazy and Some times unhappy too. So if it can give that much thing to us and have this much influence in our real life, So why not use it properly? I hope you will do so. Have a happy sharing.

If you have any comments and suggestion please feel free to mail me. It will be helpful for me to get some contribution. Share this post in Facebook.


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