A Brief History of Content Marketing in SEO and What You Need to Do

Content is King! There is no doubt about that.

Not only in the recent years, it has always been a key player for decades.

But, after the recent Google updates like Panda, Penguin and most recent updates, all were focused to kick out the low quality content containing sites from the top of SERP. Here comes the rise of Content Marketing.


This is a vital question to ask.

All the search engines and specially Google always tries to create value for their users. When duplicate and low quality content stays top this is not going to happen.

So, changes were needed and back links are not the only part that you need for SEO anymore.

So, the rise of content marketing was obvious.

After 2011 to date, a lot of changes has occurred in SEO industries. We were busy adjusting the existing sites and pages with good quality content that really put some value.

The Evaluation of Content Marketing

Everyone is fighting to get into the top 10 results for their contents. Keywords are getting more and more dynamic and hard to find.

By the year 2012 more and more business started to spend a lot for their content marketing strategies.

The following infographic from Four Dots have a timeline outlined, How the last 4 years happened in content marketing. Not very collaborative, but gives us a overall idea what is going to happen in future.

The form of content is changing too. Text content is still dominating, but other forms like image, infographics, videos, slides all are now in the play.

After the rise of social media, the scenario is getting a bit complex now. People are less in searching while they find more and more in Facebook, twitter or linked in.

One point to mention here, LinkedIn is one of the top player in Content Marketing along with Hubspot and contently.

I have a previous infographic about content marketing that helps you to understand the facts of content marketing dilemma. Try to read it first.

Facts You Must Know about Content Marketing [Infographic]


So here we are now in 2016, Content Marketing is still the best way to gain ranking and the most important thing you need to keep an eye.

Either you spend a lot in paid marketing or put some valuable content that helps you to gain visitors for a log term.

the birth of content marketing

The infographic is by Four Dots

If you are looking for resources that will help you understand and learn how to do your content marketing correctly here it is:

10+ Powerful Resources on Blogging and Content Marketing to Boom Your Blog Traffic

I have hand-picked them for later use for myself and for you specially.

Is this an awareness post?

Ah… may be. If you are not still into content marketing this might be your last chance. Content Marketing is on the rise and when you or your company is ignoring that you are denying your prosperity.

Here is a helping guide for you, How you can create a content that will be successful.

How to Create a Content that will be Successful

It’s science bitch!

You do not see the results in your blogging or marketing because you were doing it all wrong.

So, what is your thought about the future?

What’s going to happen in next 5 to 6 years? Does content is going to be still the center focus of Google’s and other search engines updates?

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