FAQ: Online Earning – All The Newbies Should Read

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FAQ: Online Earning - All The Newbies Should Read 1

Choosing online as your job field is not an easy one. Most people hope and dream about it. Again many thinks that this field is quite easy to stay and they are not going to face any kind of challenges. Wrong – very wrong. Online is a promising field only for those who have skill and can sustain with patience. Again you will face challenges always.

01. What profession should I choose to work online?

Ans: There is no certain particular profession that is most profitable online. So you have to be very much expert in your field. Like- you can do web design, Blogging, Writing, Graphics Designer, Marketing Consultant, Lawyer, Freelancer etc. It all depends upon on the subject you are skilled with.

02. What is the best way of money making?

Ans: Only the money makers do not succeed always in here. You must have a superb idea to earn that money. And there is no single way that can be marked as the best. Everyone earns from their field depending on their skill.

03. What is the common idea of earning online to the Bangladeshi’s?

Ans: The Bangladeshi newbies comes online and tries to make money through Adsense. Most of them think that creating a blog or website and putting Google adsense in that can earn them a lot of money. But they do not know that- to earn from the adsense their site must earn popularity and get some ranking in the search engine and Alexa. So after 6 or 7 months they become hopeless and left working.

04. What to do while creating a site for Adsense?

Ans: There are lot of thing to consider while you are creating a site. Like- what will be the content, who are going to visit the site and the site’s design must be attractive.

To make it popular you may have to advertise the site, doing SEO and online plus offline marketing. Adsense has certain regulation about site’s design and content – so before adding or applying for adsense please read their terms and rules. Google is strict about it.

05. How long I have to wait to earn online?

Ans: Earning depends on your work and your expertise. Freelancers earn quickly after the job done, but those from Bangladesh who are willing to earn from adsense, please make your user base stronger and try to get some page rank. You can’t earn a lot if you do not have a popular website or blog. It may take 6 month to 1 year to get your fist Adsense check. All depends on –How active you are and how much you put labor in your work.

06. Are you saying Adsense is bad?

Ans: “Hell No”. Adsense is the single most popular earning way worldwide. I just trying to make a point that- not all of the newbies can earn from it. It takes time to build a site that can earn you Adsense revenue. And you have to be very careful and patience about it. It’s not like I am creating a blog, adding adsense to it and then it will start earning money for me.

So, if you are interested from earning online or trying to move in here, please remember that- this is not too different from your offline sources. The same time and labor will be needed in here too. There are some more questions I will answering them in the second part. I am answering these from my point of view. Someone may have different ideas than me. Please remember that.

FAQ: Online Earning - All The Newbies Should Read 2

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