Mobile Web: Your Business Tool or Missed Opportunity?

Aug 1, 2013Infographics0 comments

Did you know that already now 15% of Internet users prefer accessing the Net through mobile devices?

In recent years sales of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have been on the rise, and as the ranks of mobile web users continue to grow, they now prefer a much more personalized and natural experience on their portable devices, which desktop-optimized bulky websites are often unable to deliver.

What is more, the numbers hint that this trend is nowhere near its end.

The time is right for online businesses to pay close attention to how their websites are performing on smaller screens and re-think the mobile user experience, which in the future could become the deal-breaker and determine success of failure online.

Statistics clearly indicates that users prefer mobile-optimized websites when viewing on a mobile device.

Those webmasters who continue ignoring this fact may find themselves in a rapidly deteriorating niche, a technological Stone Age. To succeed in the brave new mobile world businesses need to react to what would well be the biggest thing to happen online since the Internet revolution itself.


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Mobile Web: Your Business Tool or Missed Opportunity? 1

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