Using Foursquare to Promote Your Business

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Using Foursquare to Promote Your Business 5

Geo-targeting social media apps such as Foursquare are quickly becoming one of the best ways a business can promote its products or services. Foursquare allows users to “check-in” to a business and share their location with their friends through the social media application. When a business is able to develop a loyal following on Foursquare, its customers will do some of the advertising for the business by sharing their positive experiences with their social circles. Since I am using a Foursquare a lot in a campaign for my small business client, I will give you some advice about how to boost your small business using Foursquare.

Using Foursquare to Promote Your Business 6How Foursquare Helps Your Business

There are several different ways a geo-location service such as Foursquare can help your business. The first way is through free advertising. By simply having your business listed on Foursquare, you will give your customers the opportunity to rave about business to their friends and family. A person using Foursquare will “check-in” to your business every time they go there with the hopes of becoming that business’s “mayor.” All of this free advertising can really help your business gain local attention as more and more customers will start to come through your door once they know of your business thanks to your availability on Foursquare.

Generates Buzz for your Brand

Another way Foursquare can help your business is by generating buzz for your brand. Once people start checking into your business on Foursquare on a regular basis, their friends and family will want to check out your business as well once they see a buzz is starting to be created. When those new customers visit your location, they will share their experience with their social circle, helping create even more buzz for your company.
Creating a buzz can be very tangible job. I’ve had a lot of work to optimize Foursquare buzz campaign for Vandko Candles, one of my clients. You need to plan ahead and develop a strategy which will give results on a long term.

Engages your Customers

A third way that Foursquare can beneficial for your business is by allow you to engage your customers. Utilizing Foursquare as a marketing tactic will help you stay connected with your customers and will get them talking about your products or services. A big part of online marketing today is centered on engaging your customers and keeping them interested in what you are selling. Foursquare is the perfect social media app to help your business actively engage your ideal customers and get them to do your marketing for you.

How to Use Foursquare for Your Business:

Create Foursquare Only Deals

One excellent way you can use Foursquare to help grow your business is to create Foursquare only deals such as offering discounts to customers who “check-in” to your location on Foursquare. I tried this method and it was very successful for my small business client.  Offering this type of benefit to your customers will ensure that they are helping spread the word about your business through the social media app, which in turn will help generate more buzz about your company.

Gain Insight into your Audience

In addition to driving customers to your business, Foursquare can help you gain valuable insight into your ideal customers. Through Foursquare’s application, you are provided detailed information about the demographics of your customers using Foursquare. This data can used to make insightful business decisions that will help you attract even more customers to your business.

Every type of business should be focusing some of its marketing efforts on social media and smart phone applications. Foursquare is one of the best social media apps a business can use to drive more customers to its business because it allows your customers to do the bulk of your marketing for you. Simply running a few special deals for Foursquare users will ensure that your customers are promoting your business through their Foursquare account while you are able to gain valuable insights into your target audience, helping you make informed business decisions to improve your operations.




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