6 Online Business Software for Invoicing Solutions

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Sending invoices and estimates to customers is a hassle and many entrepreneurs and small business owners are disgruntled by it. However, you can manage your invoices online with the help of a few apps which offer software for small businesses to send invoices online. If you go through similar hassles then one of these online business software might be the answer to your troubles.

1. AcceptPay

acceptpayAcceptPay is sponsored by American Express and provides electronic invoicing services. The full version can be incorporated with QuickBooks so that all your business management is integrated with one another. It also offers ACH, eChecks and acceptance of online payments. With this invoicing business software you can send e-mail invoices and automatic receipts and notifications. This service costs $30 per month for the full version.

2. Cashboard

cashboardCashboard provides services like sending invoices and estimates and also offers a solution to accept payments online. It offers free invoicing for a single client and charges $10 per month for a full plan. Cashboard provides desktop widgets for Mac and Windows and also works on the iPhone.

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks Invoicing SolutionsFreshbooks is a web-based invoicing business software. It offers all the standard features along with the option to manage subcontractors working on the same project. Project management software and invoicing software are all you need to round up all your financial management and invoicing needs. Freshbooks can be integrated with other project management systems like QuickBooks and Basecamp, making invoicing and accounting all the more convenient. Their plans start from $19.95 per month.

4. BlinkSale

blinksale Invoicing Solutions

BlinkSale is one of the most visually appealing invoicing software available. It allows the users to use CSS to design their invoices. You can also import client lists from Basecamp via BlinkSale. This app also allows you to send recurring invoices which is a great feature for hosting and domain bills. BlinkSale services are available for around $15 per month.

5. SimplyBill


SimplyBill offers a wide variety of features like time tracking, email alerts, quotes and invoices. It also offers a desktop widget and customizable templates. This is a user friendly app and is ideal for small businesses with its easy to understand and operate features. The prices vary based on the services that you require and range in between $5 to $20 per month.

6. Android Invoicing by Zoho Software

This is a great app for android users to take care of their invoicing on the go. You can create, send and track invoices through your Android phones. You can also send estimates or duplicate invoices to send to a number of customers.

Zoho Invoice

The app offers many other features like time tracking, expense management, mobile payments and client directory. You can send invoice in the local currency of your client by simply adding the desired currency to your list. The software is free for up to five customers, $15 per month for up to 500 customers and $30 per month for unlimited customers.

These invoicing software are not only ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses but are also a convenient solution for freelancers who like to manage their transactions professionally. Again some of this software can be used for recurring billing.

2checkoutApart from these, I have used 2Checkout for billing my clients online. 2chekout is simply awesome – as your clients can pay you through credit cards, bank wire or PayPal. It supports most of the major payment system. You can transfer money directly to your back account or withdraw through Payoneer card.

Let me know in the comment section if you think there are a better option than these or you want to add another one.

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