What is the Best Way to Promote Amazon Products?

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Signing as an Amazon associate is very much easy. The hardest part is creating a sell from your account. For that you have to promote the products you love. I have been doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing for more than 3 years and I have seen some normal methods a person can follow to promote  amazon products.

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How many ways you can promote Amazon product as an affiliate?

The possibility is huge. There are plenty of legitimate ways for you to market your Amazon affiliate products. I am going to discuss my findings and the ways I am using for my own blogs right now.

  1. Niche Blogs:

Creating a niche product blog is the best idea if you are an Amazon affiliate. Find the best-selling products on a category and select a single product to promote. Write 10-30 blog post around that single product. It has seen that the more you have review type content, the better the micro niche sites do.

Niche blogs can be tricky and you need to generate worthy content for that particular Amazon product.

  1. Authority Sites:

This is somehow different from the micro niche sites. This is where you create a site focused on a category or wider product range. Like 3D television, coffee maker, travel bags etc. These sites need a lot more time and care to rank up in the search engines. I have seen that these sites perform better in the long run.

Sometime you can even mix up 2-3 categories of products on an authority site. Like, if you are working on a site that is targeted for home decoration, then you have a broader niche to follow. You can post about tools, decoration parts for different places (indoor, fireplace, outdoor) of the house etc. You have to remember that authority sites needs a lot of nurturing before it grows. There are lot more competition to face and lot more SEO to be done.

  1. Facebook

This seems to be bizarre to you. Why you will promote Amazon product on Facebook? Moreover, how you are going to do it? Posting everything on your wall or page is not a good idea. Unless you have something share worthy for your friends and followers please do no spam.

What can be done is – writing notes.

If you are promoting your Amazon niche site on Facebook that will be a very good idea. You should create its own page for people to follow. On those page/pages, you have “create a note” option. You have the note writing option in your profile too, but we will go for the page notes. On page notes, you can write review for Amazon product with you affiliate links. Notes support HTML. So, it shouldn’t be hard for you.

As far I have seen, these notes take some time to rank up or listed by Google than normal blog post. You need to submit those notes manually to Google if possible. Even tag some followers or pages on your notes for better exposure.

Be cautious about a thing, you cannot encourage your friends to buy from your links, this is against the TOS.

I am not still clear how Amazon going to identify the click and sells from your friends. Anyway, for that we are using only page notes and make your notes public.

  1. YouTube

For many affiliate YouTube is the number one traffic source. People love to watch videos and they can’t just ignore the appeal of a good review. Think of yourself, how many times you have gone to YouTube, before you buy your new mobile or lawn mower?

If you can make promotional videos or review type videos, you are getting a long time source of traffic and revenue. This is the method most people should use, but matter of fact is it needs some investment and gears also.

  1. Squidoo & Hubpages

These are web 2.0 sites where you can blog about almost anything. Some of them like these two have the option to add your affiliate links inside your blog articles.

You can directly review Amazon products on the squidoo lenses or hubpages. Alternatively, you can target to market your own niche blog in there too. This is a win win situation. You can get back links and visitors for your niche site, or just get profit for your sell.

However, I prefer my own niche site and I market my niche site in there.

E-mail Marketing can be an Awesome Idea to Promote Amazon Products

If you are not familiar with e-mail marketing, then I think Amazon Affiliate program is a little too much for you. E-mail marketing is the single most promising marketing method every marketer do now a day.

You can create a landing page to collect e-mails, or from your niche blog. Where you can put a subscription box. People are hungry for information. If you think, you can provide them with valuable insights you can easily opt in for any e-mail service and start collecting e-mails. Aweber, mailchimp, sendblaster, get response etc. are the most popular e-mail marketing tools.

Send periodic e-mail newsletter without your affiliate links and disclose why you think the product or service is better to try out. They will come back for more in your blog and there they can find your affiliate link.

What actually is done through e-mail marketing is – generating leads and then convert them into buyers. Get the visitors to your site and send them to Amazon from there.

Adding amazon affiliate links into your e-mail or newsletter will get you banned.

See more here for E-mail Marketing Tips:

Solving People’s Problem:

When you go to Amazon website and watch the reviews and question section, you can find that some people are facing problems with the products. Try to solve those problems in your review or articles and post them in your blog or niche site.

This way you can gain people’s trust and your authority site can do more sells. You need to research to solve the problem of the product. People do not need only reviews they need your expert opinion.

What are your expertise unless you solve a problem?


SEO is continuous process and need to do in every stage of your article writing to publishing in the site. You need to find buying keywords and the competition analysis before you choose any niche. How does the buying keyword look? Here I have an image for you. You should get a general idea.

Buying Keyword Cheat Sheet

Buying Keyword Cheat Sheet

What is included in SEO?

SEO do not have any proven method for any particular product or niche. There are several ways to reach the destination. Some good practice and some need to do things. Here these articles might help:


What not to do

The above ways are the general and best way to promote your Amazon product site. Here are some of the methods you should not do.

  1. Posting on article directory to promote your niche blog. You can post your affiliate review though.
  2. Back linking without analyzing the source where you are trying to make back links from. It should be within your niche.
  3. Amazon stores, you have all the rights to disagree with my point. I am just telling that because I did not have any success with Amazon store sites.


Anyway, the good practice for SEO is always applicable to your niche or authority site. I would love to hear your preferred method or even if you can correct me on some of the above. Please let me know.

What is the Best Way to Promote Amazon Products? 1

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  1. David Ferrell

    Excellent advice! These are certainly the best ways to promote Amazon products – especially the first two, as niche blogs and authority sites do well in Google and the traffic is free. Facebook works well too and I know of many people who are selling products from Amazon and othe raffiliate programs from there, utilizing groups and pages to get free traffic.

    • DJ Rony

      I agree with you David


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