Are You a New Blogger? This Advises Might Help!

Jun 3, 2010Blogging4 comments

If you are a new blogger then this topic is for you. I am specially writing this to share my blogging experiences with you. When you have just started blogging – all you will need in your path to success is patience. I have seen many bloggers want to earn name and money within one or two months. It’s just never gonna happen. Wait and see what happens after a year or two. Sometimes it needs more time.


Simple Yet Powerful Tips

1. As you have just started blogging then give it some time to reach the people. Let them know that you are writing. When you started getting enough visitors or readers, I assure you that you can earn a lot. Submit your blog to the search engines, share on social media, E-Mail your friends to tell them about your blog. Don’t feel shy about this. You need to fight in this matter.

2. If you are new to blogging – I think you are a little bit nervous about what to say and how to say it. It always happens when you are writing a new post. Shake it off. It won’t do any good to your writing. Just write what your mind wants to tell. People will love to read and hear from you. Just believe in yourself – You can do it too.

3. Don’t blog about your very personal matter or boring things. Always try to find out some good or funny topics that people will get interested in. I don’t like to read about what you did last summer. I have no time to read about it unless you killed a shark during your travel.

4. Read and follow the blogs you like. Do that regularly. You will improve your writing through reading. Observe their writing style and develop one of your own.

5. Please try to blog in short. Do you have much time to read a post that is 3 pages long? Sometimes I do not read huge posts nor even go back – though sometimes those were important. Just try to write in simple and short.

6. Comments are very important for bloggers. So if you like someone’s post in a blog, then don’t forget to leave comments. Sometimes you can put the link of your blog in the comments. That’s a benefit for you. You are getting a link back.

7. Use pictures in your posts. That will attract more visitors and look nice. But don’t use it unnecessarily.

So we have just finished seven things you have to keep in mind when you are blogging for only 1 or 2 months. I Will write more in the future. Keep an eye and keep writing.

Are You a New Blogger? This Advises Might Help! 1

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