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Slideshare is really visited and well known site across the Internet. Some people call it the YouTube of PowerPoint presentation and that is the real true.

It is really useful tool for all marketers who develop their online strategy around content marketing. The site has huge authority not only among its users but also for the search engines.

The benefits that you can experience are fantastic and if you include Slideshare in your marketing you will be satisfied from the results for sure.

Slidshare Helps to get free traffic

slideshare the giant of content marketing

It is much easier to rank you presentation in Slideshare higher in the search engines rather if you post it on your blog. You will see a proof about that statement even after your first, not so well done experiment.

The site is the world’s largest community for sharing all kinds of presentations, so if you don’t know much about PowerPoint you can still take advantage of its effectiveness.

According to latest statistics the site gets more than 60 million worldwide visitors, so even if your presentation doesn’t rank well in the search engines you will still get a lot of exposure.

Slideshare content spreads virally to many blogs and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

So, if you presentation is well done, informative and active you can expect some really crazy traffic at the cost of several hours of writing and constructing your presentation.

You just need several retweets, and likes and you won’t believe your eyes when you see your site’s traffic statistics.

How to start on Slideshare

To use Slideshare is pretty simple.

You just have to take your time and write good presentation about your products and their futures.

Use your imagination and creativity to make it attractive and inform it as much as possible. It’s better if you would only the most important of specifications.

You should not overload the readers with too much information and promises.

You have to inspire and guide them to visit your site.

Don’t forget about branding and will make your presentation just to sell something. It’s better for your long-term marketing strategy.

It is really easy to use Slideshare.

When you are done with your presentation you just have to upload it to the site and using the built in sharing buttons that Slideshare offers just start to share with your LinkedIn groups or Tweeter followers.

After all, the site is also social, so try to share some of the presentations of the other members and you will gain the full benefits of social networking. You will definitely get some of your presentations liked and re-tweeted from the community, just be more active and polite with the people over there.

Slideshare is great alternative way for taking more traffic and sales that many webmasters and companies don’t exploit to its full potential.

It’s easy to make a nice presentation and you don’t need any specific skills.

If you have any questions about PowerPoint just read a little bit more or ask some of your friends.

Then you will see that Slideshare is amazing way of building traffic and growing revenue.

Here is a great infographic from columnfive to give you an overall idea about slideshare-


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